Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Beautiful Tuesday

They were calling for a beautiful day with no rain in sight so I had lots of outdoor projects lined up. I made many trips up and down my hill as I carried the little chickens to their workplaces. It seemed to take longer as my back wanted to complain early.But I really needed their help to clear off some spaces I need to plant and it is many times harder without their help.

I even got the big hens tired out for the day and this time I used the safety pins to hold on the little leg collars. It worked good for half a day and then the pins came out and I had to find new pins to put in. Every thing is just made so cheap these days that they just do not work. It is very sad. The girls were having lots of fun digging in the yard and they even did a great job edging some of the flower beds!

Would you believe ONE DAY without rain and I had to carry water to the little plants in the garden? So that was four more trips up and down my hill. lol

I got some more seeds planted in a  tray this afternoon. I sure do hope they come up. I had 5 more of the yellow zucchini seeds so I planted all of them. I want to try them so bad , as I have never seen a yellow zucchini before? It is hard for me to have zucchini as everything wants to eat them or the powery mildew will hit them or a bacterial infection.???? I wonder if Mama had it this hard with her garden???? If she did she sure fooled me and made it look EASY!  Where is your Mama when a 65 year old lady needs her?????  Just because she is in Heaven doesn't mean I still do not need her!

I also planted 12 yellow squash seeds, 6 dill seeds, 6 banana melon seeds and 12 malabar spinach seeds. We shall see what that produces???  I got one of my chicken runs cleaned out and mulched the rainbow chard with that and newspapers.  Something has been eating on my Kentucky Pole beans that are about 3 inches high. I cannot see ANYTHING but they are doing a lot of damage. So, I went and got that last cedar chips pillow I had made last year and dumped the cedar chips around the beans? There is all kind of controversy about if you should do that or not???? But, when something was eating the dinosaur kale I put it around them and what ever it was quit eating them???? So, we will just see what happens?

It was such a beautiful day . I am so tired and in pain, but I have enjoyed it tremendously. I am so grateful to have the pretty weather back in my life and to still be able to SEE all the beauty that is around me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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