Saturday, May 7, 2016

A good sick day?

I woke up this morning at 5:30 in so much pain. I thought it was gas to start with but later on I knew it was another UTI . I hoped it would go away but it just got worse. The pain had me doubled over and then I started to run a fever.

I remembered the last time I had used a garlic enema and got rid of the first one I had ever had last year. But this time I ran across the piece of garlic inserted like a tampon. So, that was what I did and after about an hour the pain started to subside. But the fever just hung in there and it felt like you had the flu - 100degrees temp,., busting headache and aching all over.

Then my sweet daughter showed up and she and her partner went to work on that front porch for my Mother's Day gift.  She scared me to death climbing up on top of that high roof and putting on a metal roof. I will try to get a better picture of that tomorrow as I am In Love With It. I just had to have a picture of her little blue butt up on top and her partner trying to hold it steady for her as it was not strong enough to hold his manly weight and she is very light weight. But I was afraid she was going to be blown away. They got it accomplished Just as the rain arrived.

Then my sweet granddaughter showed with roses in tow for me for Mother's Day. I was thrilled to see her because she will be leaving next month to start a new life in a new state with a new partner. I am holding my breath hoping for happiness for them.

She did have her Daddy in tow or I would never get to see him - if not for her. We were having camera war. I know I looked like a hag but I really was sick and trying to pull it off -not being.

They also brought two of the smallest grandsons who were wide open. I am so blessed - granddaughter, daughter and grandsons.

I grabbed a picture of Crystal's partner who I wish would one day be my delightful son-in-law? He is so kind and sweet and thoughtful -what more could a mom wish for?

Crystal was such a good spot about romping with the boys and had them laughing and squealing at the top of their little lungs. lol My son is getting so much White in his beard. lol

You can tell that these two are just little imps!

Happy Mother's Day to Mother's everywhere.

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