Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thursday Mutiny

These are the lovely roses my granddaughter gave me for Mother's Day. I added sugar and vinegar to the water and they are responding nicely.

I am so mad at this Older Body today. It was Suppose to be the Sewing Guild Meeting this afternoon. I really wanted to go as I am getting all the use I can out of these bum eyeballs. But  - NOOOOOOO - a foot that I shattered back in 04 woke me up at 3AM in Dire Pain. No, I did not sprain it or hurt it in any way . I was fine last night when I went to bed (except for that uti infection)  Then Bam - Pain??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

I did get my chores accomplished -thanks to the crutch I had to use when I had broken that foot and leg. It took a while but all my critters got tended to.

A shower was rough - just getting in and out of the tub was a Pain. But then after I ate a late lunch (about 3ish) it started to swell and hurt like crazy. I found a cane my DH had -much to my INSULT- and I used that to get back and forth . It hurts so bad I really want to cry-part of that from frustration

So, needless to say I missed the Sewing Guild Meeting and the chance to spend a couple of hours with a dear friend. Grrr. I did try ice on it but it did not help any and  only made the pain worse.

My body is in mutiny and I am mad at it.You would think I would appreciate a good excuse to lay back in the chair and watch tv???????????????? WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

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  1. Oh goodness linda... Do hope your foot is better now.