Friday, May 20, 2016

Cloudy Friday

It was calling for cloudy and cool all day today so I headed out to do chores and to test out my new chicken outfit to tie the hens out with. I had bought 4 cat collars and put new holes in them and cut them down to almost nothing and then tied these 4 out in the yard while I was working.

i thought they were cute out in the green grass having a good time until I discovered that NOTHING I could figure out would make those dern collars stay latched???  The idea was good but the collars were just so flimsy that they would not stay hooked. And me and the ladies were all having so much fun . GRRRRRR!

While I was "chicken-sitting" my almost son-in-law and my

grandson came to borrow a jack to work on the grandson's car. It was nice to get to see them.

After they left and I completed my chores I headed back to the garden to do some more digging and I ended up with this much rocks in the one bed I am working on. Time had already dumped it for me once so I am spreading them in the driveway -where they should have been in the first place -instead of my garden! GRRRR!

It took me about 3 hours but I finally got to plant my baby Rainbow Chard plants  and I started to mulch them.

But it started to drizzle on me and I still had to carry all of the little chickens back up to the building and my back was complaining too. But, it was perfect weather to get all of this hard digging accomplished . No sun and had to wear a jacket so no worry about getting overheated in the sun. lol Now if my back will just quit complaining. I am so blessed to have such a beautiful day to do this hard work in.

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