Sunday, January 30, 2011

It has most certainly been a beautiful day here .

It has been almost perfect -except for a stiff wind blowing. DH has been outdoors working on our vehicle and the kids have shown up to help him. I know he will enjoy that. I need to go figure out what I can feed them all. You know how growing boys are -always empty. : ) One of them brought DH a piece of meat for favors he helped them with. I am thinking about cooking that in the pressure cooker and making gravy from the broth. Some mashed potatoes and biscuits might just satisfy them????

I have been working on one of the computers all morning and -shuuuuuu- don't let it hear me say that It is actually working some now! I am holding my breath and being grateful at the same time. Now I need to work on the one in the kitchen -since that is the one that I pay our bills on. I have enjoyed that feature of a compter-being able to just push that magic button and your bills are paid for - Except - for one of them which always gives me a fit . I received a past due bill yesterday and was be-fuddled until I realized that I had never got their site to let me in this month! GRRRRRR! If I don't pull it off this month , I guess I will Have to call them for help. I Hate to make phone calls!

I still need to fix the one shirt so if only there was more time. I stayed up until 4:30 this morning working and I can sure tell that I feel it. O, IF ONLY I did not have to EAT -or-Sleep???????????

WHOOPEE! I made it !

LOL - I made it through the virtual slippery slide and popped in to see my beloved "blog-family"!  I am sooo glad to see you! What a day it has been -one thing after another!  Wheeeuuuu. We had another day of running and then DH spent the evening working on our car. I was so pleased to get some parts that my baby(vehicle) has needed for a while now.

I also worked some more on the gloves for DH. I still had one "LEG" left from those pants that I managed to kill this week. :( But, at least it was not all for nothing) I have been fiddling with  my  glove pattern  and they are coming along better. I managed to increase the size of the front  just a tab -kinda like when it comes to sewing a front to a back in  the pants - and that gave  me a teeny bit better fit. Plus, I came up with the bright  idea of adding a piece of velcro  so DH can  tighten  it up around his wrist if need be. I just want the varmits to stay on his hands when he is working out doors. They originally started out to be just to handle the firewood, but now they are started to show up in a lot of things he tackles. : )

I still hope to work on a shirt for my brother in law because I forgot his birthday in Nov. and since I have made my sister-in-law one for her birthday on Groundhog's Day  - I would like to give him one too. But , my heart has not been in it because of the fight with these computers. :(

Our oldest son called me today and he had finally got over a bug where he could check out his Dad's computer that had kicked the bucket. I had tryed all of the bag of tricks I knew to sweet talk that bugger- but - it just hated me and would not co-operate at all -so I had sent it to him to see if any of his bag of tricks would work on it at all. Needles to say it had defeated it too. We started throwing ideas back and forth-you know - the general things like a Virus???? I told him I did not think so at all because all of my protection programs show NO Virus at all -even though everybody thought a Virus was the only thing that could have killed three computers at once.

Back and forth we went Until he said , Maybe a Power Surge??? and a lightening bolt went through my head! That must be it -and I could even remember the day that I had been working on the computer with embroidery designs and  everything got shut-down. Of course I was Frustrated ! I hated to have my computer just up and die and knowing I would have problems getting back to what I was doing. But, you just attempt to move on -never putting all the clues together? But that made good sense now that I had been hit over the head with a brick-errrr - maybe a computer???? LOL  Especially since all three of them had messed up at the same time. I was heart-sick when I thought of how hard it would be to replace all three computers?How unfair it seemed-that we depend upon the electric company so much and that they seem to have the power to just up and destroy your stuff that that depends on them to run to start with?

I remembered that every day since that day had been a battle -one that I felt like I was losing rapidly. I happened to remember that my Tenn. E-sister had told me one time about a product that you plug your computers into and IF they get hit by a power-surge it gives you time to close out your work and shut your computer down to save it. Of course they come in different time periods -thus different prices.I told DH IF I had known that before I bought my first computer I would have got one of those things to start with.These computers are just too expensive to just up and lose them.Plus, all the stuff we all have on our computers is a disaster to lose. If we did not want it - we certainly would not have saved it???? I have been looking at those external hard drives that you can save your stuff too also -but that mean ole "Money Monster" kept poking his head where I did not want him to belong.

I have been working on the sewing room puter all evening and I have tried a new experiment. Have you ever heard of a browser program called Netscape? Well, I  had not . From what I read , the first Web browser, developed by the teachers and students who created the Web, was called Mosaic. Eventually some of those teachers and students broke away from the university and formed their own company, Netscape. For years Netscape made the best Web browser, Navigator,used  by more than 80% of internet-using people. Then Mr. Gates took notice and developed Internet Explorer.

So, to make a long story shorter - I decided to test it out and see what happens. Well, the first thing that happened was I was able to jump on here and holler at you guys! : ) That put a smile back on my face! : )
So, I have some more tweeking to work on , but because I have got to go fall in bed because it is already 3AM and I am pooped again. But I just had to holler at you and send you good wishes!!!!!!!!!!

So, I guess the "virtual drams " continues to play itself out " and I think I should get one point today! Yea!
Hopefully I will see you all tomorrow and hope you will have a lovely day! : )

Thursday, January 27, 2011

O Hello, Hello, Hello!

I do not know exactly how I managed to pop in for a visit -but -whatever it is I am delighted to visit with everyone once again. Still have computer woes-but I am attempting to work on them eveyday!

I do have an update - so if you need a laugh - here it comes. Remember the green pair of pants that I worked on so diligently -only to discover that they were a mile too big!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, would you believe that I DILIGENTLY  worked so hard to rip them apart and then worked DILIGENTLY to cut them down to size! I thought I was doing a wonderful job(LOL - we should know we are talking about me?)When I went to counting pieces I discovered that I had cut the  larger piece down to the smaller piece and I still had the Smallest piece and it was Way to Small to cut out the larger piece from!  !!!! I took a moment to have a "pity party" for all the hard effort and then I sat down and thought - what can I do with these parts. That fabric was wonderful - it had already won my heart. So, I pulled out the homemade pattern I had made to make DH work gloves and cut out a pair of them. I love them because they are so strong -yet durable-and they were tight but stretchy????

After having him model them - I still was very unhappy with the pattern. They just "fit"wrong - so I am in the process of attempting to draft a different pattern. To make this even funnier - I went to the doctor today and had a Wonderful new lady doctor named Dr. Mick. I fell in love with her-she is great. We were talking about the fibromyalgia and I was telling her how that fibro fog really messes with my mind and how I attempt to do the sewing projects and how we can all attest to the fact that I do more goof-ups than perfect projects-but that I kept on attempting to pull it off-that I was just stubborn!

She told me that they had actually did a survey of college students and how the ones that had the most "stick-to-it-ness" always seemed to come out better-even making better progress than other students who were smarter? So she told me that my ability to keep trying was a good quality. That put a smile on my face because I sure can stick-to-it all the way from a piece of fabric - to a pair of slacks- to a pair of gloves! LOL :)

I hope all of you are well and happy and making many new and wonderous projects !
Love to all!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Busy, Busy Day

What a busy day. It started out nice because I got my chores all finished the very first thing this morning and thank goodness I Did that !

Just when I started to figure out what this day would be all about the stepgrandson and two of his friends called to tell DH that they were coming to cut firewood, so DH was very tickled to have some help. I was tickled to have everyone outdoors and headed to the woods. Finally I could clean the living room! Yea!  I cannot clean when DH plants himself in front of the tv. :)

I got all the covers on the furniture in the wash . They really needed that between the dog hairs and the doggie footprints. Then I ran the vacuum and then last of all I ran the steam cleaner and finally I could see our floors -once again. Then I ran a second run of clothes and I put the covers back on the furniture.

I knew these young fellows would be hungry when they came out of the woods so I started to try to figure out how to feed them.I already had a pack of deer venison laid out to thaw so I decided to go with Burger Soup and I had Just Enough homemade bread to fix everybody a peanutbutter sandwich to go with it. Just as I had it all ready -here they came through the door-talk about timing being everything! They tore into that pot of soup and devoured it. These particular young fellows are out on their own and they do not get very much home-cooking so that is why they enjoyed it so much. After they finished and were just visiting the James  fell asleep with his cup of tea in his hands. :) And he managed to keep control of it until he awakened. Very impressive! I hated to see him so tired but he just has too many irons in the fire. He is always on the run taking somebody -somewhere. That was why I was determined to at least feed them as I do not have money to give them-even just to buy their gas. Maybe a good meal is a decent pay when you just live off of "junkfood"?

Jimmy is another one -he is an extremely hard worker. He also lives with a brain injury from a horrific  bicycle wreck. He ended up on a straight up and down hill and ended up face first into a brick building. I don't think that anyone thought he would survive. He was telling me about it today. Not much he can remember except for them picking him up in a helicopter and rushing him off. He wondered  why it was never investigated because someone told him that they thought a car had hit him and throwed him into the building. He has worked hard to get him body working  . He lives with really bad "ticks" and one  of his fingers is drawed .But he has a wonderful sweet spirit  and it really hurts me to see the challenges that he faces.

I should be used to these "miracles of the human spirit" because of living with my DH , who was so severly burned 72 percent of his body 2nd and 3rd degree burns. He lost both of his ears and his body is covered in the scares, plus his hand is drawn because at that time they had never had any body be burned so severly that had actually lived through it . Now they know to place balls in the palm of hands when someone is burnt like that so that their fingers will not draw up and be unusable. They tried putting metalpins in his fingers to stretch them open , but it did not have good results. Adding to his facial scars and little kids have always followed him staring and breaking my heart. So, I can be one to tell you that the 'spirit of the human being " is quiet an amazing thing! You never know how you will act until something is staring you in the face.

As the kids were leaving I pulled out that pair of slacks that I had completed that were too large and I ripped that boogie all apart. It took me about two hours -but I finally 'unsewed' her! My mind thinks that I really want these pants for me-plus - this is a different pattern than what I have used before and it has a funny little "quirk" when it came to fixing the pockets? I thought it had me whipped to start with-but I was really pleased with myself to actually do a good job with it!

And I might as well add that I was pretty pleased with myself with ripping all of that project loose and not cutting the fabric ONE TIME! For me that is an exceptional record! No rips or cuts -Yea!

After all of that I had plenty of dishes to work on -trying to make some sense of my little kitchen! For a treat for just us two I had a small can of peaches and I made a peach cobbler that makes its own crust. It is really good so I have included the recipe:
1 large can (29) ounces sliced peaches in syrup
1 small can (15) ounces "           "          "    "
(I did not have two cans - I only had the large can.)

1/2 to 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
1 tablespoon cornstarch.
1 cup sugar
1 cup flour
1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 egg, beaten
6tablespoons melted butter, divided
2 tablespoons milk
2 teaspoons sugar mixed with 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Drain peaches, reserving syrup in a measuring cup.
If you don't have 1 cup of syrup, add water to make 1 cup. Set aside. Toss peaches with spices. Combine 3/4 cup of the syrup with the cornstarch. Stir into peaches. Arrange peaches in an 11 x 7 baking dish. Into a bowl, sift the sugar, flour, baking powder and salt. Stir in the beaten egg, 1/4 cup of the reserved syrup, 1/4 of milk, and 4 tablespoons of of the melted butter. Spoon the batter evenly over the peaches. Drizzzle with remaining butter -then sprinkle with the cinnamon sugar.

Bake in a preheated 350degree oven for about 35 to 45 minutes, until top is nicely browned. Even if it were not wonderful - the wonderful scent wafting through the kitchen is worth the effort. I kept wishing I had some ice cream to go on top . :)  It certainly does not taste like an old timey peach pie with home-made crust-but - considering how little work it is -it is still a neat treat.

O good golly - look at the time ! One am in the morning! I certainly meant to make it to bed at a reasonable time -but plans have eluded me once again.

One nice thing was our oldest son called his Dad this morning and after they had talked I asked him if  he could help show some light on what else I could try to fix DH's computer. I told him that we had switched harddrives, but the problem was still the same thing with this Linux system. You could get it to load , but then it would shut its self right straight down. We chatted for a few minutes and then he offered to take a look at it if I would send it with the kids after they finished the wood. After all the fights that computer and I have had this past week - I was more than thrilled to take him up on his offer. He has not had any school training with computers -but after he got his first one -he has been completely self-taught and so far -(?) he has not had a computer defeat him - SO I am HOPING DH's will not be the first one- unless it is something that is unfixable.

I hope each of you has had a wonderful day and thank you for visiting with me.
love to all! :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011


I am so sorry for being so fickle the last couple of days, but I am experiencing  computer "woes"! What ever it is has made all 3 of our computers sick-DH's the most sick with the open the pc and then it comes to an abrupt halt and the black screen .

The other two you can attempt to do something and the whole thing will just HANG. Of course that pretty well shoots you out of the water too. We even switched out the harddrive on DH's puter and put a Ubuntu Operating system in . It started to open up just fine and then shuttered and died to the black screen, so I am thinking it is not a harddrive problem? I have PC Doctor virus and malware protection and they say no viruses?

With no money to just hand it off to some other poor soul I guess that leaves us grasping at straws. I just did not want you to think that I just "walked off and left you" - nope! I will keep trying to see what I can learn?????
Love to all

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hello Blog Family

I am sorry that I missed yesterday,but I was just sooo tired . I had gone to counseling session and just attempting to assimilate new information just wore me out. I guess too much thinking is just a strain on my wee brain! :)

One of the things we toss about came from the fact of how much I love my blog family. I really do - I appreciate each of you and all of your differences-like a quilt of all different pieces and when they are bonded together it becomes something magical.

Another topic was money-yea - I know how we all hate this  interloper in our lives. Mine just seems to get worse with time. After getting in trouble with our finances and having all these phone calls , ect. ect. -and then today a doctor bill from two and a half years ago. I did not know whether to laugh or cry. It would not make any difference because there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.

So, I wanted to throw out to you guys - have you found anyway to make money from home ?Or is there any way that bloggers can join together to make money? No pressure - just searching for answers as we walk along this path of live. I do realize that there is no "silver bullet " or everybody would be doing it. It's just there are so many "rip-offs" out there attempting to take advantage of  people that are hoping for a light at the end of their tunnel and instead they are taken advantage of  - that old "kick a man while he is down" so he cannot defend himself.

As for sewing I did not get to tackle those pants today because after we got up and I returned a doctors office phone call and then we were out the door to sign papers to see if anybody would help with the medicine. As we stated home we received a call from our youngest son who is still without water -so we went to his house . DH and a friend went out and pulled the pump up out of the well and ran some tests on it - just to find out he pump that was loaned to him is a goner! It just does not pump but a trickle of water.I got lucky and got to sit with my #2 daughter-in-law and got to play with the baby. Wish I had known to take the camera because he is a real heart-breaker! Those little smiles and coos just make you melt!

Came home and I did my chores and fixed our supper of green beans and potatoes cooked in the pressure cooker and fried cornbread . It was good and it made our tummies quiet down. :)

I know tomorrow will be another day that will run off and leave me because we have to take our pooches to the vet for their rabies shot to go to the county to then get their licenses. ALWAYS something.I hate to go out for a few reasons: (1.)because I get car-sick (2.) because I want to stay home -AND (3.) because our pennies are about to run out and gas has gone up again - now three dollars a gallon. I realize that because we are struggling -how in the world are our young people surviving ? By the time they put gas in their vehicle to Go to work , buy groceries , pay an electric bill -insurance on their cars -and then pay a baby-sitter -how in the world do they manage? It has me scared to death.

Well, I will quit "whining" and say goodnight.
Thank you so much for coming to visit - :)
love  to all

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sewers Block

It certainly seems everytime I muff a project that I have a time frame of being blocked.  Probably because my brain is comparing ripping loose an entire project  as to just trashing it. I decided I would not take it to Goodwill because the last 50 stitches where I attached the waste band it puckered ! Big boo-boo!  So today has been a day of inner contemplation. I did get all my outdoor chores done early this morning . Then we had breakfast and after that I think my fibromyalgia and fatigue kicked in and I dozed in my chair as I attempted to read my brand new copy of Sew News that my Tenn. bud/internet sister gave me for a Christmas present. :) I think that is the gift that definitely keeps on giving. I decided that this is the best one we have received. It had a really neat project that I had actually seen at the Sewing Guild meeting ! It is a poncho made from sheer fabric and worn over something else. The one in the magazine is shades of gold and the one at the Sewing Guild meeting was black with silver butterflies and I just happen to love butterflies.

They also have a sewing kit that looked like an old timey sunbonnet . It gathers at the top and has supplies like threads and seam rippers and on the top brim has a piece sewn in that you insert your sewing pins into. It was very pretty and useful.

They had an article discussing a Valentine tunic which you insert lace in some of the parts - like sleeves and add lace over the lining of the main fabric. It was very interesting,

They also showed two tee-shirts , one embellished with ribbon sewn on in a flower design  and hot fix pearls  It is very pretty . The second one they embellished with dimensional fabric flowers and the hot fix pearls in the center. It too was very pretty.

They also talked about making curtains using large grommets  and that way these curtains would be very easy to open or close. I liked that idea, plus they mentioned you could use them in shower curtains.

They also had a very interesting article about fitting! Now who would ever think that I need lessons in fitting -just because I always end up not getting it right unless I used my two favorite patterns! It certainly is not Lynne's fault because we spent some wonderful time cruising through this part of a project. One lesson that I found to be VERY helpful watching Lynne was that it REALLY does help to have good match skills! Would I be saying that my match skills are not top notch ????? Let's just say THEY USED TO BE. I don't know for sure if it was the concussion from the wreck -OR- the fibromyalgia (doctors do not like to believe that-but you check out these fibromyalgia sites and you would be amazed at how many people experience this ) So believe what ever we want -but it is a fact that I really Hate. I used to be Amazed how Lynne would check out the pattern and the fabric and she would measure the pattern and plus or minus the sewing seam  and come up with the perfect numbers. She is such a whiz.:) After living my entire life yearning how to sew - even just letting me watch the master at work was amazing. She could charge me an admittance fee - much better than ANY book. I always wanted someone to watch and see the "flower unfold in creation"! It is a true miracle to me.

O YES! There was a brief clip about making a raincoat using laminated cottons.I know my mouth hit the floor BECAUSE I had actually seen some of this fabric last year and I pondered what in the world would you use it for!!! A Raincoat Never Crossed My Mind! The one thought that my mind played with was covering my bathroom walls with it! Well now-don't be so fast to disagree because I had one friend many years ago who covered her bathroom walls in some beautiful fabric with shades of blue and fishies and it was beautiful! Far prettier than any wallpaper I have ever seen. :)

So, as you can see my mind has taken a vacation today. Didn't even vacuum the floors so the dirt is very happy and with it raining and all of my furbabies running in and out   -I know what dirt looks like.I guess everyone needs to take a break sometimes to give your brain a chance to clear out the cobwebbs-Hey , I'm a WEBB - we are suppose to have cobwebbs! :)  LOL- I might as well tell on myself . There is actually a cobwebb in my DH's bedroom -in the darkest corner across his water bed that I have not figured out how to get to. But, the amazing part is I have tried to figure out how in the world a little spider wove a webb across a four foot span from one wall to the other wall????? I see it as a amazing piece of architecture.Sometimes the smallest thing can be a true source of inspiration.

Well, midnight has "snuck" up on me again! My good intentions have gone down the drain one more time. Life is such a challenge!
Love to one and all and have a great "day" - OR - "night"! :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Boo-Boos - AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

O my- After finally figuring out about those pockets -which only too two days , I thought I was making good progress. I had got as far as putting the waste band on and this was the first pair of pants I had ever put a band on.

It was just like putting a band on a tee shirt.

Then I marked the four even points on the pants and also on the band and then just lined them all up together and last of all today was putting the elastic in.

Well they are finished and I have learned new lessons. I learned how to rip out pockets several times and finally get them right. After they were almost finished I noticed that this fabric is really HEAVY! Really!!! And my final lesson was this pair of pants is way too big!  So, I am straddling the fence on what to do-that would be a lot of "RIPPING" - I could take them to the Goodwill -but I REALLY need a pair of slacks for this cold weather. The 3 pair I have are wearing out too fast? ? HUMMMM???????Maybe I will just sleep on it ???

They are calling for bad weather here tonight . I cannot see anything falling from the sky yet?
We also went to the doctors office today to see if DH was eligible for help on his medicine and she filled out all the paperwork and made the call -only to be told that ended on December 31.

This has just been one of those days you do not want to repeat. On top of the news about the medicine we had a slight disagreement with one of the kids and you know how that is. I do not like to disagree with family. I pulled it off pretty good - I don't think they even know and that is the way I prefer it so nobody knows but me . That way I only have ME to fight with! LOL

Well I hear some dishes calling -
bye-bye till next time! :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I did try?

And to prove that I did try I have the proof. :)

This was when I first got an early start and I was trying to figure out how to attach the Pocket Facing to the front of the pants? You can tell I was starting to live in "never-never " land -which you will see very quickly.
It's just that I was attempting to be VERY VERY careful not to make NO boo-boos.I should have known I would have problems because every time I reached for something I could not see it - it was a lot like standing on a moving carousel  and you are reaching for the gold ring? I kept reading and studying and reading and studying -like that old saying : cut once -read twice? I finally got the two pieces attached and when I moved onto the next step - that is where I got in trouble.

The next step said to stitch POCKET (which I thought I had already done?LOL) to pocket facing, right sides together .I thought I had finished with the pocket - Wrong! And this is where I get lost. Then you are suppose to baste across upper and side edges, Having finished edges of front at circles on pocket. But it was not until the next step where you sewed fronts to backs and I could not figure out how to make a piece of the "Pocket" fit anywhere to sew it????????? I knew I was in trouble so I decided to just take a break and go out and do the chores -hoping that might "REBOOT" my brain!

By the time I got back inside it was supper time and DH was right on my heels sniffing for food! I ended up fixing a pot of green beans and potatoes from the garden in the pressure cooker and while they were cooking I fried corn bread patties to go with them. They all turned out so good and I was So grateful . :)

It was not long until I looked at the pants again and knew I had to rip out where I had sewn the two pocket pieces apart and that was a real pain because I was so sure I was right I had "Double-stitched" them. Those seams were definitely never coming apart. :)

I needed to do the dishes and this was what I found in one of our computer chairs in the kitchen. :)

This is our upside down cat dozing cat named Cowboy. I was so surprised I couldn't believe my eyes.

 If he was trying to get a laugh out of me - he sure succeeded! After dishes I did tackle reformatting DH's computer -with no luck . I am almost sure it is fried and that is not a good thing. I am learning there are a lot of ways for a computer to just up and die and some of them are out of our hands. I am beginning to think that each day each of us get to use our computers that we are VERY lucky!

Last week Lynne was telling me about something called a "Brown Out" and how they can kill a computer or even appliances. I told her I had a surge protector on them . But she said this was something similiar , but all of a sudden the lights in your house will just dim down very low for just a bit and then grow bright again. That made sense because our electricity is always going off or acting flunky . I figured it was hurting our things , but had no idea how to protect them? And for all 3 of the computers to get sick at one time-just seemed too much to be a coincidental happening?

Gosh, here it is Midnight and we just came in from some "chicken - chasing"  and feeding the guinea pigs their supper. So much for good intentions-see how time just gets away?????????

I hope each of you have had a lovely day-we sure did . The weather was Very pleasant and they are calling for a wintry mix tomorrow evening and the cold returns, knowing that I did not miss it at all!!!!!!! (You know, now that I think about it - I wonder if some of Australia's heat could have "leaked" through to us-if it did I hope that some of our "cold" seeped back to them for the day! WELLLLL - that seems only fair???

Love to all of my blog family and happy trails to you! :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I sabotage myself!

Are you familiar with the phase : we are our own worst enemy. Well, I think I am getting just too good at that.
I got up late because of trouble sleeping last night. Hubby and I ate a late breakfast and then I had a friend call that I had not got to talk to for a long time and since my hubby was gone and her hubby was gone we talked for an hour and half. It was such a treat to "catch up". PLus she also gave me some feedback on the shirts I made her for Christmas. She asked me about the fabric because she had spilled some chocolate on it and then "pre-treated it" and it did not come out. But this was the first shirt that she had I made that acted like that? I wish I knew more about that and why that resulted like that?????

Then after we hung up , I grabbed a nice bowl of cereal before I went out to do chores. It was quiet pleasant outdoors today. That wind was not whipping -so it made it much easier. I still had all the bowls to thaw out ,but that was alright too.:) But I have a strange quandary?IF I am in the house -I do not want to go outdoors and IF I am outdoors I do not want to come back in the house. So, this was one of those days after I got everybody fed I just kept jumping from one thing to another and that lead to me staying outdoors for several hours. When I finally made it back indoors DH called from our son's and said that he was coming home.

That was when I realized I had lost my chance for a nice quiet sewing day. He was starved and we fixed grilled cheese on fresh , homemade bread and it was go good.You know how it is : you clean up your mess and put everything away and there goes your day. I wanted to just "kick myself". I think I have always wished there were two of me !

  As you can see-my little buddy is back - high and dry. I think this must be his favorite tree because he really is like a "homing pigeon " as far as returning. I think these pictures turned out SO much better! He is just so cute to me. But, I think he is really mad at me for taking all the pigeons away from him. They are safely tucked away in the building until I can get that poultry wire to run around the pigeons lot.

Well, Shoot! It is now midnight so I hope to hop in bed.I hope you all have had a wonderful day!
Love to all! :)

Friday, January 14, 2011


Hello , Hello Dear Blog Family,
I hope that each of you have had a wonderful week and are looking forward to a nice weekend. Ours is so nice that they are even calling for nice weather-kinda like icing on the cake. I don't know IF I am even happy about the nice weather because I had got my mind set for the bad weather. If nice weather comes calling I will not want it to leave and IF it should not leave then all the fruit trees will think Mother Nature is calling a start to bud out and and that would be a NO-NO as we would lose our fruit and I LOVE FRUIT!  :)

Today was another one of those fly-by days. Chores -work - trip to the feed store and there goes your day. Then I fed us and that was not so hot. The green beans and rice were good, but I just cannot find a way to prepare tilipa that makes it eatable . This time I tried it with cream of broccoli soup and it was UCK! (But my furbabies enjoyed it.

So after I cleaned up my mess I decided I just had to work on DH's computer. It was not doing him any good at all just sitting there. He mainly enjoys playing his card games on it as he runs in and out of the house all day long. I tried the repair it feature but that would not cooperate and it did give a message about a driver had gone dead dead that displays things - SO - it was Do or Die. I thought It was going well - until I realized that I now had to reload the virus protection and also the internet service??? By then I was just too tired and started making dumb mistakes - so I am calling it quits and heading for the bed that is calling me . :) I just had to stop and send greetings to each of you! Maybe tomorrow I can get back on those green pants I started . DH is suppose to go to our youngest son's house and attempt to work on that pump that has left him with out water for about a month now. So , I am hoping for some sewing time and testing out that funny pocket????

So I will bid you adieu for now! :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday - all day long? :)

I remember waking up this morning and then the day was off and running . By the time you feed your spouse and clean up your mess you realize that part of the day is already run off and left you wondering how in the world can you catch up?

I went outside and worked on chores - more frozen bowls and lots of cold wind. I am discovering that I Really do not like Winter Winds. They are so cold that they seem to just fly right through your body before you realize what has happened.

After that it was time to feed DH once again and repeat your clean-up and sit down to catch your breath. I had started to work on a pair of slacks and that was the pair that I discovered had one piece for the pocket on each side. I was befuddled ????? But I decided to go ahead and cut those two pieces out and that was when I discovered that I ALSO had to cut out a waistband? I have never worked on a waistband before. By then I realized that time had slipped up on me and it was time to get ready to meet Lynne to go to our Sewing Guild meeting. Boy , it was cold !

It was So nice to get to spend time with Lynne once again. Lynne drove her little Jeep and it was nice and warm. We actually had enough time to get there a little early and meet a few of the gals. The presentation was four  tables with projects that the four local groups had worked on for the year 2010. It was fun to hear what each group had tackled. The first group was the Red Hatters and they had made some lovely table protectors and a cute red hat from the felters .

The second table was from a group of smockers with examples like little girls dresses, big girls nightgowns and also ornaments for Christmas and for Easter.They shared a magazine that was from Australia about smocking.

Another group spent the year learning about "FITTING!" They had learned about slide and something ??? also about draping -then making your own pattern. I actually fell in love with a poncho-that was what they called it -but instead of something to keep you warm -it was made from some very sheer fabric with silver butterflies on it! I just loved the idea! I just might have to try my hand at that project.

The other table had items you could use like an organizer for your purse and notebook covers. They were all so pretty. After all that discussion they had a "Sew and show! Where people had sewn items and it was so interesting to see what they had been up to. There was a lovely tote and the lady's 7 year old had made her first pair of pj's and they were cute as a button. One lady made a Large size purse and it looked like alligator skin-but the fabric was denim . The last lady really had a "one of a kind" dress that she and her adult daughter had been working on together. The daughter needed some kind of ball gown - at least the name was right- LOL The daughter was an avid hunter and she cut the dress from the brown camouflage fabric that hunters wear. It had spaghetti straps and long floor length with a train. It really was lovely and it certainly was Original. She said her daughter was thinking of coming out with her OWN designer clothing for the lady hunters of today.

One lady who sat in front of Lynne and I noticed us and asked IF we were the new members and we said yes. Then she asked IF we were Mother and Daughter! ROFL! You should have seen our faces! Lynne said she was wondering which one of us was getting a complement and which one was not! LOL It was so funny and the poor sweet gal just kept putting her foot in her mouth and all 3 of us were a nice share of beet red!LOL ! I think I will chuckle about that for a long time now. :)

So , it was a really nice adventure with a room full of nice -talented ladies. I would feel SO much more comfortable IF ONLY I had teeth where my gaping hole is at. Maybe one of these days ????????

It is 15degrees tonight and I went up with DH to feed the stove while I locked up my chickens for the night. That cold just wanted to go straight through me! I HATE the cold and I really envy all you folks that live where it is mild during your Winter. It doesn't seem fair that your "mild weather " is termed Winter -when compared to ours. . Wonder what we could call yours?? Hum? Maybe "Christmas Break"? Or - time to sew while the gardens are not going full blast??? Or time to go inward and reflect while not chasing gardens, flowers and birds?

But no matter what we either call it or think about calling it -it will keep coming day by day by day. So , might as well enjoy it and we are suppose to have some mild weather next week. I don't know If I believe our weatherman or not - SO- I will just go out each day and see for myself what the weather is ???? :)

I hope each of you have a wonderful new day to see what you can experience!
Love to all.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Counseling Day

I know that the word Counselor probably scares a lot of people to death. But , my experience has been like stepping through a "magic door". It is a place where you can lay aside all burdens and have time to set your soul free, unfettered it can now be refreshed and thus have new strength to rejoin the troops on the outside.To pick up our experiences and attempt to make each of them into something positive for both me and Whoever my life is suppose to touch.

By not carrying that extra baggage you can see things more clearly -and thus do a better job on the things that you love.I did share with this wonderful person how much my blogger family has helped me and how much you all mean to me. So, I would like to thank each of you for taking this walk with me and for sharing of your time and knowledge and sharing our loves and laughter as we share this life experience.

To top my day off we had another visitor looking for a free meal. I told him that there would be "no pigeons" on his menu tonight. LOL I don't know IF he just will not take NO for an answer or whether he takes that as his personal challange. :)

Maybe NO just is a personal challenge to him? OR ? Maybe he just likes flash lights turned onto his precious wild face - his one moment of  attention? I  am not sure-but I know as long as he is not chopping little pigeon heads off  I think he is precious.Just because we two creatures see two different versions of life does not mean that I do not see it as a compromise between our two worlds and be allowed to appreciate both sides of the story.So, what an amazing day it has been -appreciating  all of the factors that have brushed  my life today.

So , follow the wisdom of the "wise ole owl" and live in the moment - appreciating all that our Father has shared with us and just consider that we all need to learn to live together even though we all have our different paths .

Then to top this evening off I now have a pants pattern laid out on the cutting table and will be working with a piece or micro-knit for the first time. It is a very strange piece of fabric. Too heavy to wear in the summer and fall -but maybe warm enough to test for the cool months we are in now. It does not seem to show wrinkles very easily and I was having trouble deciding which side you would consider was the "right side"!I have been trying to decide WHICH side it curls to????

I would love to have a successful project , but I am so tired that I know I might just ruin it(I am VERY good at that process). I would love to finish it so I Might have a pair of pants to match that green shirt and wear them to the Sewing Guild meeting with Lynne tomorrow?

So, love to you . :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Always a Lesson

This is the shirt that might be for my sister-in-laws birthday? She had said that the shoulders were too wide , but I told her that was the way the pattern was for an oversized shirt. And sometimes they were too tight across her tummy? So, I decided to experiment - I took the next size on the pattern which would be a XXXL. I cut the shoulder down about half and moved the under arm seam up, but kept the tummy  as a XXXL. Now as I study it I think it is really too large?

I wish I had it completed this morning because we met each other  for lunch this morning and I could have had her try it on. Eddie  paid for all of our lunches. He is a great guy. But he was a lesson too. HE said the shirts I made him for Christmas were the right size EXCEPT  the arms were too tight?

I really need to take this shirt to her and let her try it on so I can see for myself how it lays and then come home and make up a master pattern just for her . Then I also have to make a note to self : saying to pay attention to how much stretch the knit fabric is because that also makes a difference???? Wonder IF my little brain will be able to file that so I can remember it when I need it?

Hummm? I believe that this must have been a successful day because not only did we get to have a nice visit -but I also learned something New. :)  Now, If only I can hold onto it.

Boy , as we were coming home those skies were just getting darker all the time. They looked like they could pour out buckets of snow, but so far we only have about an inch of nice soft snow and I had no problems doing my outside chores. :)

I hope you guys have all had a wonderful day and enjoyed it. :)
Love to all.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Gosh! Where did that day go to???????????????????

I declare! You cook a few meals and wash a few dishes and do a few chores and all of a sudden you realize that a day has just slipped right out of  your grasp!

Then on top of that watching this crazy weather???  One minute it is just dark gray cloudy and the next minute there is what specks falling from the sky. It is like an adventure that you had not signed up for?

I know that DH went out and cut a new load of wood. That stove almost eats more than we do. :)
I went out and did all my chores , but it takes longer to do them when all of the water bowls are frozen solid. I have been carrying them in and running hot water over the bottoms of them to make that ice release its hold! At least everybody has clean bowls that way. :)

I am still working on that shirt. Since it is thermal I am learning about how to use my differential setting on my serger and that is neat. :) I had wanted to make my brother-in-law a thermal shirt out of the same material-but I have been puzzling over -wondering if that color would be alright for a man too? I mean it is not pink -but it is in the "red" family -maybe maroon???? What do you guys think?

Well my two shelties just came in from playing in the new snow that is falling. Their backs are covered in snow. They are just like kids when it comes to snow -so I better go dry them off. LOL
Love to all!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Misadventures of a granny who keeps trying :)

Wonder why it is that sometimes things just "seem to fall in place" and  other times no matter how hard you try it seems that they just go awry?

This was a snow shower that kinda blew in . I decided that sometimes we manage to Just get stuck -and then there is times like the weather that just blows in from "who knows where " -so we can either accept it or hate it for the complications it causes.

But I am attempting to learn that every experience in our life is there to teach us and make us wiser. Of course when you are stubborn like me - it might make it just a tad bit harder! :)

So, with that in mind I decided to go ahead and tackle a birthday shirt for my sister-in-law on groundhog's day. I decided that the one piece I had with enough in it was a knit that feels like thermal and I had been debating whether she would enjoy something like that? Sometimes I have a REAL problem with my " mind-reading skills"!

So I picked out a design and started down this path. It was a bird design and I thought she might enjoy that because she used to raise birds and was great at it.

It seemed like things were going excellent and I had high hopes that this was going to be my "New Start" in a New Year. So, I plugged away and things were moving along nicely. My Brother PE-700II was acting like such a Professional and I was so proud of it. But that only lasted until the very last part of the design!

The outline in black started out perfect , but then took off like a misbehaving child????? I was heart-sick. I even took my needle and thread and "filled "in a lot of it so it does not look SO terrible. And I have been carrying it around trying to decide whether to just "trash-it" or go ahead and sew it up????? A certain way you hold it in the light it looks like one of those pictures that seem to change as you move it? 

Then I have a hard time "wasting" anything  - much less fabric! Maybe I should go ahead with it and she can always use it to just clean house in? I would like it for that because it will not show dirt easily. I am still "straddling" the fence here? Maybe I should just go feed DH and hope the right decision will pop in my head? You guys are welcome to "hop in on this one" anytime. :) 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Have I Got A Surprise For You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you still remember when I was so upset about something killing my pigeons?????????? WELL::::???????

Here is the little "murdering predator"!  On a night that my main worry is the 15 degrees right now with wind whipping  and it is suppose to go on down to -15 with those winds. DH had made his trip up to feed the woodstove  and he said he heard something clicking .

So I wrapped a quilt around me and followed him out doors and up our little walk way and then looked up to where he was shining the flashlight and this is what we saw! Isn't he just so cool!

AAAHHHH - this one is better - just look at those little Gold eyes. He has the same eyes as our black cat and she always looks angry  - like he looks angry at being discovered right out at the back door. DH said that he should kill him. Of course I begged so pitifully to save his life.

He certainly does not look like he appreciates my efforts! But , I do so love owls!  I snapped these pictures and ran in to see If they turned out to where we could see him.

I told DH to give me a little while and then I will go out and grab up the pigeons and Mr. Owl will have to go search for his supper in another place. I did not realize it was such a little owl and now I understand how he could just walk through that chain link fence -then I could not figure how something could get up on the roosts to get a meal, but of course now I see - he just flew up to help himself. If he was anything like a hawk that had come to the yard one day while I had my silkie chickens out on the grass in a dog crate turned upside down. That way they had fresh grass to munch on. We pulled up in the yard and all I could see was white feathers. We went closer and there was a beautiful big hawk standing beside the crate with his foot stuck through the metal and in his claws was one of my favorite silkies. I just wanted to cry - but for some reason -these domesticated birds seem to not see these guys as something to fear because they are just another bird and they will let them just walk right up to them - and get their little heads bit off! :(

I was so excited , I just had to share it with you so we can now settle the mystery of the pigeion killer for the past year. I now know how to fix it , but it will sure have to be  warmer weather than what is outside now! :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

End of week brings snow showers

Even Cowboy enjoyed the snow showers. He had gone out on the front porch and curled up with his favorite blanket. It seems that the tiny snow that was falling left a "very still" sound to the air and I think he was sneaking a nice nap before coming in for the night.

The snow is so tiny that I cannot capture it in a picture Drats! I think the weather sometimes has an affect on our moods because I want to sew, but for some reason I am stumped . I wish I had some new knit material because what I have in my stash seems to just not feel right for the projects I need to work on.

I did manage to fix us a nice pot of soup and homemade breads . DH had peanut butter with his and I had a cheese sandwich with mine.  Then I went to searching for my blood pressure cup. The doctor yesterday had noted that DH's pressure was up and she was curious what was going on. I told her that it  might have something to do with getting mad at the traffic coming down or the thought that he was going to get a shot -which turned out to be 2 shots. One was the flu shot-last year was the first year I had ever talked him into getting one and with good results so I think he liked that and the other was the pneumonia shot. She said that they don't usually give the pneumonia shot until a person is 65 , but with his fight with cancer she recommended it because she did not think he should have any more to deal with than he would have to.

I had told his doctor that I had a blood pressure cup at home and she said that would be good to monitor his pressure for a couple of weeks just to make sure it was something else going on.

I am beginning to think that I must have filed my brain where ever I filed that blood pressure cup! :(

I did have my side-kick watching over me  outdoors . Maybe she thought I would get into trouble all by myself?  :)
I am not having the best luck in town! So far -no blood pressure cup and so far- no project lined up? Plus, my tummy is complaining. I think it is wishing I could get my "ducks all in a row" and quit being such a scatter-brain. :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I tried so hard last night to get online to post - I could get it to pull up ,but when it came to where you write your post it had that little circle thingy that just kept going round and round and round. I even walked off and left it one time and 30 minutes later it was still going round and round and round. After a hour and half I finally had to give up and call it quits. :( I don't know what was causing it -but at least I could not blame it on a sewing machine this time.! :)

Look at this! This is what I found in our mailbox this afternoon and it came all the way from IRELAND! I was soooo excited that I could hardly contain myself. I just had to "Pace" myself so I could enjoy the thrill as long as I could. :)

IF it could talk -think of the tales it could tell about how the address has almost been ripped from the package - and - WE definitely would not want that to happen. I carried it close and I could just feel the rush of "IRELAND" and I wanted to hold onto that experience.

But you know how we gals are - sooner of later our curiosity has been known to get the best of us SO I kinda reluctantly opened it up! WOW! Check this out! :)

It was a Christmas present from my beloved Micki  at  Irish Muses( . I think we all know Micki with the heart of gold and a truck load of talent!  I recognized as soon as I opened it -that beautiful "mug-rug"!  I know this because I fell in love with the little teapot button!!!!!!!!! when she had posted about it when she created it.  I would have to agree with the gal who said hers was too pretty to use ! LOL And the pincushion is so beautiful and it is so Soft and I just absolutely adore it. Then she topped it off with some chocolate with some berry pieces in it. I have never had any like that , but I am dieing to sample it! It is in the refrigerator right now -chilling, as I love chocolate chilled. Matter of fact just mentioning it makes my mouth water. LOL

UPDATE! I just HAD to go get into it and it is Wonderful!!!!  I guess there is more than one way to "get more fruits in your diet"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so very honored to be remembered. I think I definitely have some very real "Angels" out there in my blog family. :)
Love to all!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Well, I guess I just "stumped my toe" with this New Year

It was a feeling a little like drowning so far this week. I had , what I hoped to be -my schedule for this new week-but yesterday after ending the day attempting to pay the bills we were making our last stop of the day at the drug store.DH had just used his last new cancer medicine and we were going to get his refill. I had called in our prescriptions because that makes the process so much faster.I had money in hand and then she said one hundred and ninety seven  dollars and I felt my smile trickle away as I said, something is wrong -what has happened from last month?

They tried to explain that DH had to pay for a certain amount up front before the insurance kicked in, and just his prescription was 179.00 which was more than we had left to get us through the month . You can imagine how horrible it seemed to see that bottle of pills that was helping to keep my DH here with me and money was standing in the way.Of course when it was taking me longer to come out than usual DH came looking to see what was going on and when he heard -he had a fit.  The little girl was upset -because she was so sweet and she could not do anything about it - I was upset and that was why I was trying to hurry and DH was definitely upset because he did not want to die. So, it made for a pretty miserable evening and then I could not sleep as I tossed and turned trying to figure it out.

Then this morning I called his insurance agent asking for help explaining the process. ___Of course -they were on vacation and might be back next week. Next I called the doctor's office looking for suggestions and -of course they have not called me back all day. I even stayed right with the phone all day , I cleaned the space under the phone and then I cleaned the living room floor because the phone is on the wall there.

I finally had to give up and go outdoors and do my critter chores and that got my mind off of it for a few minutes. But even still -no body called back?That seems to happen to me most of the time-I think it is bad business and very rude for a business to act that way.

I now have a sink full of  dishes and not the heart to wash them. I need to sew to help steer me in a different direction. My oldest son and my sister-in-law both have birthdays the first part of next month and my "stash" is getting low. Thank goodness for a stash!

Our weather was beautiful here today -made you think it was a day in Spring. I saw on the news tonight that Australia is having a Terrible flood and that worried me because I have E-friends there.

Love to my blog family

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Double knit , lovely bluebirds tee shirt

Well, Hello Dear Blog Family,
     Sorry to not post last night - I think I must have had a little "Too Much" New Year  with my kids and grandkids and great-grandkids. I was SOOOOOO tired I thought I might "croak" , but had no time to rest until I fell in bed - thinking I would go fast asleep-But - things do not always work out the way we plan.

I was just so tired that it took me a while to calm down and let sleep sneak in on me. I kept thinking I should get up and do this or that or that or this and then I would think , that would disturb DH since he was fast asleep.

Then after we had breakfast this morning and DH had his nose buried in some kind of  hot-rod trucks  I decided to work on one little corner of the kitchen so I would not make as much noise as running the vacummn cleaner.It was a very "busy" corner because it help all of my clear canisters with dry goods like beans and macaroni. I thought that would be a good idea because I would not only get some dirt conquered -but would also "remind" me what I had in stock!

Then one of the young people who helps us just because he wants to showed up and he and DH went and busted a big load of wood. There I was , " still working " in the kitchen and the day just got away from me and I realized that evening was almost dark and they would be quitting -so I wanted to at least Feed James for all of his hard work.I washed and peeled and chopped some potatoes and put them in a pot to simmer while I went out and did the outside chores before dark settled in on us.

Then I came in and just added the last few touches on the potato soup as they were headed toward the house. I fixed James a cheese sandwich to go with his soup and a peanut butte sandwich for DH with his soup. I chose a cheese sandwich with mine . All of these were made on nice fresh homemade bread that I had just sliced and it was all good -maybe because we were all hungry and everything tastes better when you are good and hungry. :)

I cleaned up our mess and headed to the sewing room and got a XL size tee shirt with those "cutest " little birds on it. I really love the tye dyed fabric as it so so nice and soft. As I was working on the shirt my mind was wandering to our youngest son still without water since his pump went out?  If only there was some way I could come up with some money. I looked down at the shirt and wondered IF I would do any good trying to sell some shirts?If only????

This is the end result and the neck is kinda large on it, but it will be nice for summer as it is so soft. My sister-in-law has a birthday coming the first of next month and time just loves to plum run off from me-so that will be a size IIIX. I really do enjoy sewing for large size ladies and I really do love this pattern of tee-shirt.It looks large but this is a deliberate "OVERSIZED" tee shirt pattern.

It was sooo lovely here today too. It was in the forty's , but there was a stiff wind blowing so that made it feel colder. The land is so wet and so slippery. So, I guess our new week in a new year is off and running already. With this next week of nice weather -I believe that we are cheating OLD MAN WINTER out of his plans for a week and that works great for me! :)