Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Would You Believe-

another day has come and gone and left me behind. Last night I cleaned house and fell into bed at 3 in the morning. I was so tired - and yet tonight - it is even dirtier than it was last night? What is this terrible illness ? Maybe it is called Death by Dirt????????????

This is another one of the size 3x shirts -so it travels with the blue one last night -off to do its job , HO-HO-HO ing!  It is hard for me to get the xxx sizes to hang and look nice. I really like sewing the larger sizes. I wish that  I cold sew for the larger sizes and support myself-but - with fabric SO EXPENSIVE it is almost impossible to  compete with the cheaper clothing from other countries.I mean golly - I have looked at some pretty knits and it costs 18.00/yard and it takes almost 3 yards of fabric to make so many things? -so that is like 54.00for a tee shirt and that is not counting the time it takes. These last two took two days for me -one day for the embroidery work and one day for the sewing.

And , this is EXACTLY how I feel about it!  : )

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