Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dainelle's shirt

This will become our youngest granddaughter's shirt.  She has a little beagle that she rescued and she named her Molly.

This was the "sweetest" piece of fabric I had ever worked with . If I had known I would have purchased a little more-but when you order from the Internet -it is hard because you cannot touch it. It had pale silver dots all over it -it was So soft and it did not matter how you wanted to treat it - it loved you still. : )

Here it is a brand spanking new week-wonder what we will all do with it? I know that DH has to take our youngest son to the doctor tomorrow. I have got really disgusted with doctors and the amount of pain that he is still in - after Two years. I am beginning to think that they are all Quacks!

"Well, I better go fall in bed I am pooped. O SHOOT- I forgot that the deer meat is now ready to turn into jerky. ////???????????????????? Me and my brain.

Love to all!

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