Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Another Granddaughter's Gift

This has certainly been an en-lighting Christmas, as I received gifts from two granddaughters and I am just so impressed with them because they took into consideration what my natural loves are- and that is sewing very high at the top of my list. The youngest one was posted yesterday with that lovely quilt and this is what her sister got me .

I did get into it and check out all those spools of thread -took a couple out and inserted some of my embroidery threads just to see what would happen and they did fit in there,so once I use up the threads already included I can definitely substitute my light colors of embroidery threads to help keep all of the dust off of them. I am just so honored that both of these gals took the time to think of me. That is an honor in my book.

We have had a cold , hard rain here all day today - but got lucky and got NO SNOW , so I am happy! I have just been dead tired today - I think my "mojo" is not up to par? It feels like I should still be sewing away up to the wee hours of the morning and does not know how to regroup and get back on that New Year coming train! LOL

I hope everybody else is having better luck - regrouping !!!!!!!!!!!!  O Gosh , I just happened to remember that now????????? I have to check out birthdays ??????? : {}

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  1. Wow what a neat sewing organiser!
    I am going online now to see if I can find one!