Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It is getting closer

My super visor is really trying hard to keep me straight-but it is a very hard job! This morning we met DH's sister and brother-in-law in town when he came for a doctor's visit at the Veterans Hospital. They are setting him up with some physical therapy in his own home town.

They took us out to eat and we played catch-up with them. The food was delicious  and then we stopped in at Bed , Bath and Beyond . Didn't have any "spare" money so I had fun just looking! They had so many things to look at! It did not take long for all of us ,"seniors" to just "tucker-out". We said our good-byes and headed towards home. We stopped at a little hardware that is so good at giving you great advice and with their help we got the last few things we needed to set up the little gas fireplace. My girlfriend had given us a hundred dollars for Christmas and the bill to set up the stove was 96.47.

It had started to rain on us coming home and DH had a couple of "Doug-fits" because the copper lines leaded and he had to re-do them. But, he finally turned it on and turned out the lights and the gas fire looks very real and the heat is wonderful! SO many people are installing these little stoves to have heat when the electricity goes out. All of our Lowe's Building Supplies around are almost empty of gas stoves.We are so lucky to get one -thanks to my saving and Christmas gifts of two friends. Plus, looking at the flame made me sleepy- so they must be peaceful too. DH installed ours with 15 lb. propane tanks and people kept telling him he could not use these tanks- so we asked at the hardware store and they told us we could use them - but they would just run out of gas really quick. He used this size tank because when it comes time for him to pass away that is the only size that I can lift and carry to go get it refilled. I just cannot budge those 100 lb. tanks.

As we were coming home we took a little side road and I really wished I had been smart enough to take my camera. One yard was completely filled with blow-up Christmas decorations. Last year this family had put their things out and a young man went through while he was gone and destroyed EVERY decoration that he had . It was just total devastation and it not only broke his heart, but the heart of all who heard. They did catch the offender and then the whole community  donated  money for him to start over once again. He also posted a big "Thank-you" sign for all to see.

I have been wrapping presents all evening and I am just pooped. So many of them may be small - but they still take time to wrap and put names on. So, I am going to hop to bed because DH has to take our youngest son to his doctor appointment tomorrow and I am hoping to get some more sewing accomplished. The house is just turned upside down and so dirty from all the rain and mud that has been tracked in.  It is just hopeless sometimes. But we all know how that feels at times. So , good night and sweet dreams  - OR - for our friends around the glove - good morning and sweet daydreams! :)

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