Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Katherine's Shirt

O , please - if any of you have any "SPARE" minutes - please send them my way. !!!! I got up this am and went out and did chores and we ate and I washed my hair in the sink because it is faster than a shower. We took off for DH's doctor appointment. It took quiet a while , first because they could not get a reading on his blood pressure to come out right - first it was way too low and then it was higher than normal. The doctor thinks that is being caused by the new medicine that he is on.

Then he had to go back in the treatment room where they gave him his shot and finally we were out the door and I had forgotten that I had my counseling-thank goodness I remembered ! I would have been SO upset with myself if I had not shown up and made her lose valuable time that she could have been doing something to help someone else.

After that we took off to go by our youngest son's house to drop off a package of chicken that she had left in a bag of groceries for us and it was hers. That was a quiet Hi and Bye because I had to jump on the rest of the Christmas presents I was working on for DH's sister. The part for my serger had come in - I could not believe it was that fast! Thank you Brother!!!!!!!!!!

DH put the parts on and too late I realized that the serger was WAY out of adjustment.It was now a war between wills! I was willing to complete these presents -but the serger was only willing to give me a horrible mess and lots of grief. You can tell from the picture who won that battle , but I am still not pleased with the results. I am beginning to wonder if it is only when you are under pressure to accomplish something that everything seems to go wrong???????????

O! Do you remember my frustration with that sewing troll that hides in the sewing room to play tricks on me??? AND do you remember how I bragged about these new designs were sewing out perfect like they are suppose to ???? Well, I think that troll decided she had missed a chance to have some fun - because all of this work this afternoon has been broken stitches -and that is on top of that dumb serger. Now , I know machines cannot just fall off of the good wagon all by themselves and nothing has changed from the other projects - SO - I believe that sewing troll is up to no good once again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But, I'm going to W.Va. tomorrow and will be gone ALL day long -so we will see what plans she works on for the next sewing day?????????????????????????

I love all of you and o my gosh it is way past midnight - love to all and BYE!

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  1. you have been a busy lil bee yourself... The sirt is lovely.. Merry Christmas