Saturday, December 10, 2011

DH's short sleeve camo tee

What a perfect day! A sewing day and that is the best kind.Our oldest son called this morning and wanted his Dad to come over and bring his truck so they could cut a load of wood from a tree that came down in a storm a few weeks back. This way he got to "play with the guys" and I got to" play with my fabrics"! That is a "win-win" event.

Of course I muffed half of the day away trying to set DH's computer up to where he could go to Ebay, (he looks there for all kind of parts  and gets a lowdown on prices) But, with all the meanness in the world I had a really hard time working on it. Things had changed a LOT since I had set up my account several years ago. When I put our bank in for the payments -it say our bank needed research and could not be used and here I have been using it for years. Things just do not make good sense lately. Last night I had attempted to install a virus protection and just could not get it to do what it was suppose to and then today it installed perfectly?  Makes you really "scratch your head"??????   I wish I could have got E-bay to co-operate today because he is watching a chainsaw part. Jeepers!

Remember the long sleeve t-shirt I had made night before last for DH ? Well, I  did some figuring today when my brain came back to visit and decided the sleeves were just a mile too long. So, I cut them off and changed the cuffs out to a piece of dark green knit ,which was so much softer and laid better.

Then I jumped on this short sleeve version , which older son had said it was just too thin and even a girlfriend said it was not worth wasting my time on because even if I got it to sew -then the project would just wear out too quickly.  But- you know how stubborn I am and I paid good money for the fabric -so there . : )

I started off on the wrong foot and had a disagreement with that V-neck! I had to rip the first try completely out, but I took a small break and when I came back and tried once again - it went just right, so that made me so happy. I hope this can be something he can either wear in the summer -OR- maybe for hunting in the spring
when he always says his winter hunting clothes are too hot- I don't think I will have to worry about him being TOO HOT in this fabric. LOL

Boy! I have had a creak in my neck for the last 3 days and it hurts like crazy. Today I took a small heating pad that a friend from Tenn. had made for me 3 years ago. It is just a small -hand size - little pocket filled with rice that you stick in the microwave to heat and since it is small it fits right on that curve in your neck. I think it has been more comfort than a pain pill.  I think I better go heat it one more time. AWWWWHHHH! That's better.:)

These days are just flying by so I guess I better hop off and see what other kinds of trouble I can get into.I hope you guys are having good luck with your Christmas gifts.
Love- linda


  1. It sure sounds like a perfect day and of course something always does go wrong but that's normal ah!! As long as you figure it out in the end.

  2. We use those wheat bag type things too for pain.
    The shirt looks great.
    I also have a fair bit of trouble with computers... thank goodness our son Steve lives here and can usually fix me problems.