Thursday, December 8, 2011

DH's V-neck tee

Today was a mixture of things. It started out with my furbabies laying in the sun at the front door. I was very tired because I stayed up till 4:30 AM working on the jerky. Had to take two batches out of the dehydrators and then pull out the next two that I had in the refrigerator marinating and put them in the dehydrator for their 12 hour wait.

The last one was for DH and he wanted his in stick shapes instead of flat pieces like chewing gum. That was a problem for me because the nozzle on the little gun had that shape , but it took a LOT more pressure from me squeezing the gun and forcing it out. It really made my bursitis wake up and COMPLAIN! Still COMPLAINING- LOUDLY - I HATE PAIN!

Blondie is the light colored Mama of the other two daughters. They looked so comfortable it made me want to go lay down in the floor with them and let that warm sun ease the pain in my shoulder.

While I was having such a nice morning by being able to STAY HOME - and work in the sewing room - I discovered that a tragedy had occurred just 20 miles from our home. VA. Tech is a local college and they had two shootings today at noon and a college policeman was killed and a male was killed. They are keeping it kinda hush-hush as they investigate.It is such a tragedy to think that these families will be planning a funeral for Christmas. Maybe they will be able to tell every one more tomorrow. This is the same college that four years ago had the largest killing by 32 students and teachers were killed by one lone gunman. Then the next year a male student cut a girls head off and the next year two students were murdered as they just talked together and they have never found the killer - and now this. I am glad I do not have kids the age to go to college - I would not feel safe sending my children there. But, then I did not feel safe sending my children to public school because of all the bomb threats and such. I hate that we seem to live in such a violent society. Maybe that is one reason that I Crave the gift of staying at home.I believe that I am VERY LUCKY to have a home and I love every minute of it now.  Now that there is no violence at home - I consider it my very own playground! Lots of everything nice that I love to "play" with. I am so very blessed. : )

 In the midest of all that has gone on -some how I managed to pull off this long sleeve -V_NECK tee shirt for DH. This was that VERY thin fabric that DS could not give me any insight into - so I ironed it and that made it look a lot better. Something about the dye that was used-each different color was a different texture and even a different weight  and made it look like -rather a mess - until I did iron it.

I am still learning about these V-necklines. DH cannot STAND anything to touch his throat and he will pull a regular neck of a shirt way out of shape , even pulling till he has the back of the shirt half-way up his back and all out of shape. SO - I got the bright idea to test out the V-necklines, and I think it might just work out for him- IF - I can master the construction process. It actually came out decent-but ! I have decided that the sleeves are WAY too long and I will hopefully make an adjustment tomorrow night - I HOPE!

Well, kids -my bursitis is Killing me  - like a fire in my shoulder joints so I will bid you good night and hope you have had a lovely day - or night????? : )


  1. sorry to hear about the tradegy in Virginia. I heard it on TV today here in Texas.
    the V neck T-shirt is nice I am sure her love the camo. Nice job. Your babies look so cute by the door...

  2. Oh I hope your bursitis gets better soon, pain is not nice. I'm sorry about your local tragedy, it's a shame people can't feel safe these days. The "V" neck looks good though. Are you going to make more?