Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Debbie shirt

Gosh, this picture came out funny ?But it is a "red-work rooster" , except he is not red. LOL! My friend , Debbie and I have been friends many long years-near 40. We met in a funny way-both of our husbands were "young and dumb" and they would get together to party.One night they decided to take off to North Carolina so they told Debbie to call me and tell me not to expect them home early.

Well, Debbie had had a lot of heartbreak in her young life then -so she called my number and when I answered her-she very quickly spit out ,"our husbands are together and  have gone to N.C.)  Just as I opened my mouth to thank her - the phone went dead! Bang!  I was wondering if I had done anything to hurt her????? She told me years later that she was scared to death of me and she hung up before I could chew her out! Seems like my DH had been telling people that I was big as a barn and carried a mean two by four! !!! and Debbie was not taking any chances. LOL  After that when our DH's wanted to take off they would leave us to baby-sit each other and through the years our friendship just became more precious and probably saved both of our lives a time or two.  : )

I am quiet nervous about this fabric-it is a double knit and a medium weight-but since it is double knit it has a lot more stretch than I had planned for???? I have the most trouble remembering that Double knit is heavier and more stretchy and jersey is so darn thin -but rayon in it makes it stretchy -yet cotton does not stretch much at all?????

The good news would be it will not be wasted as she has a daughter who is larger than she is and she can always use clothes. : )

Well, I better hop to the kitchen and take off another run of the jerky!
Love to all! : )

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