Friday, December 2, 2011

A Gift Means So Much

Having friends is one of the greatest gifts that we are allowed on this lifetime on Earth. They are like candies - they come in all colors and flavors and with their own gifts that makes them so special from each other. I am SO grateful to all of my friends -both virtual and otherwise. When you share a interest with another that makes it so nice also and you can learn a lot about your interest and you can learn a lot about yourself and your friend.

Today was a pretty day and it was pet shop day and then to the mill for critter foods and that takes most of the day. When we got back home our mailbox was full-stuffed -I could barely pull the contents free. Most of it was junk , of course-but there was a white package that looked interesting and I had not ordered anything?????It was a package from Lynne!

Brother-in-law , Eddie had come over from W.Va. to hunt with DH tomorrow and after they ate I carried my prize possession to the sewing room with me.

Well, right off the bat I decided that I Must have Too much Kid still left in me. Have you ever noticed if you buy a toy for one and they ALWAYS love what contained it better??????????? Welllllll, these beautiful little kitties jumped out at me right off the bat. If those kitties JUST contained AIR- I was now Thrilled!

As I spread the kitty fabric back this lovely angel greeted me and I dearly Love angels! This one mystifies me because it smells divine! I do not know why or even how-but my nose just doubly loves her.It makes me think of when I was a little girl and Mama had a pretty , colorful string of multi-colored beads. These beads always SMELLED good. I loved them too- and although they are very fragil now -because I am almost 61and they have been around as long as I have. : )

 O MY! It takes a real sewing  Guru to be able to know this much about what your heart would desire!  O, and I know she is because I have seen her work! I am so thrilled to receive this! But, she really did outdo me with this:

Isn't it adorable! It looked like a little "container" to me. That top looked like the perfect "lid"and I did try to figure out how to open it. After a few minutes of being mystified! It hit me like a ton of bricks- a pin cushion! We both enjoy pin cushions. How cute was that! And how much fun it was for me! LOL                 

How Wonderful Are Our Friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  : )

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