Monday, December 5, 2011

Meagan's T-shirt

This will be for my youngest daughter-in-law and I got to work with that really neat pink fabric with the silver dots all over it. She is very computer savvy and I hope this might get a smile-after all chocolate is some girls best friend and medicine for the soul. I do know that certain dark chocolate is even good for diabetics.

The day was lovely and it clouded over this afternoon with a light mist of rain. DH had me working on the deer jerky. It took me half the day to locate my recipes because when the one computer crashed that was the one that I had the most recipes stored on-like a dummy.: )

I mixed up two batches first thing and then we had to go to town to mail the bills and grab ingredients for the next batch of jerky. We came home and I put the first, which was a basic jerky  in one dehydrator and mixed up the second barb-b-q batch and put that in the second dehydrator.

That took most of the evening  and then I washed all the equipment that I had mixed and the little gun that shoots the jerky out in a flat stick  . Then I mixed up two more batches of 8lbs each and put them in the fridge to marinate over night. That way I can take them out in the morning and put the next two batches in at that . time. I picked up the bags that I will need to put the finished jerky in to store them for Christmas . The grandkids really LOVE this stuff.` I bet they would NEVER dream in a thousand years how hard it is for a vegetarian to do. : ) But , life seems to be all about compromises of some kind or the other. : )

Well, it seemed to take most of the day to pull off the jerky mess and it is now after midnight and I am in the sewing room with a little peace and quiet. My want to finished this one up - but my can do is just fizzled!  IF ONLY I DID NOT NEED SLEEP! It just takes up too much time! : )

Would you belive that here it is December and when I stepped outdoors the earthworms were all hanging out all over the place. What a pleasant surprise! IF ONLY ALL WINTER could be just like this?????? : )

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