Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ashley's shirt

What a beautiful day! It was the last day of deer season for rifles and I know that the deer are glad, as am I.;0
There are two that are hanging tonight to be processed in the morning and DH wants me to turn one into jerky as Christmas presents for the grandkids.It is this time of year that I always wish I could "clone"myself and have some  help. LOL  But, I will worry about that tomorrow. I have spent the last few hours wrangling with those monthly bills once again .I am so glad that the months only come once a month! LOL

But, I have another shirt off of my list now. This one is a combination of the knit left over from DDL 's shirt the other day -AND- a piece of knit left over from her shirt last Christmas- SOOOO _ I tried to tie the colors from the sleeves and collar -to - the design on front. Both if these fabrics are a jersey knit and are very thin. I have a similar shirt to wear in the Summer and it is so lite weight that it makes me feel like I am naked. LOL  These are the shirts that you need when it so just dripping hot!

I don't think I have already said this, but-as I have been working with these last few designs I happen to realize that the Machine that Hates ME and has Hated me for the last 2 years has ALL of a sudden WORKED! I am afraid to say it out loud - but it has worked and not broken one thread or eaten one hole in the fabric  . I even got to make a trip to the bathroom and back and it was STILL WORKING!  I even had to change the bobbin twice and IT STILL WORKED!

So, I put my thinking cap on and realized that I had just tried these designs from a new digitizer and the site is called Dainty Stitches. My mind just cannot accept the thought that this one person might have just saved my sanity. If that is what it takes - I will gladly use her designs.  I really need to write and thank you.

Thank you for stopping by to visit . I love your company!
Love to all - Linda

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