Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Deb's fish shirt

What a day? This burning the candles at both ends is really rough. I had planned to have all my gifts made and be able to just sit back and enjoy it. Well, even if I am home enjoying it- that is better than being out in the "MOBS" of people -some act like they have lost their minds. They had a story on the news the other night about a person who pepper-sprayed a crowd at a mall and then disappeared. I think I had a little more compassion for the person with the spray-you just get tired of getting pushed and shoved and things grabbed out of your hands - I even had a man pull a big box off of a top shelf and drop it on me as I stooped to see something on the lowest shelf.. It seems like home is almost the safest place to be. No wonder more people are shopping online!

While I am attempting to try to keep up with my sewing I am still working on the jerky for Christmas. I have already worked up 32pounds of it and have 16 more pounds that will be ready to take off at 2AM. Yea- I know -terrible timing when you are losing sleep anyway-but I like to do it when everything is nice and fresh.

For the last 2 days we have been having rain out the ying-yang and when we went out today the river was wild and looking like it wanted to jump its banks.Now the temperature is dropping -down to 30 now with a wild wind and calling for a skip of snow-more than that around us.

I think I like this shirt that I just finished. It is a jersey so it is so nice and thin for the summer and instead of putting the fish in the center I tried putting them on each side and not in "THOSE" places. : )  I do love koi so very much - they are such beautiful creatures and very smart too. I had a young one in my 20 gallon tank on the bar that divides the kitchen and the living room. She was soooo very funny and they are easy to "spoil". She looked forward to her morning and afternoon meals -but if we had company and "neglected " her - well , let's just say if anybody walked by her tank she would do a BIG tail flop and who-ever was passing by would get drowned! LOL She was a real stinker! :)

I hope each of you have had a wonderful day. Enjoy the holidays as you love best.


  1. your fishy shirt is adorable I simply love it. I can understand how you feel about shopping and the crowds.. I am the same way GET ME OUT OF THE I like to have my shopping done early.But some actually enjoy the hussle and bussle.

  2. Oh Linda you have been very busy sewing lovely gifts for your family.