Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Hi Blog Family-
I wanted to wish you a Happy Christmas and hope you are all healthy and happy. I decided to allow myself to pick a gift that I could open tonight. This gift traveled farther than I have ever traveled in all of my life. After all of this traveling - it is so small -that I am AMAZED that it took the ride that decently. I am so thrilled that it did make the trip. It came all the way from Australia -the land where I always wanted to go see the kangaroos in real life.  But, since we have all been blogging I have come to realize that it also houses many talented people and I admire them so very much.It is such a pleasure to be allowed to see what such talented artists create. I am the lucky person that now will display a beautiful gift that I really love.So - TA DAAAAAAAA!

This beautiful piece of art work comes from Maria  @Life On The Block. Isn't it just beautiful and to think that this magical piece of GLASS took that long and dangerous journey and arrived here for me to treasure. Stained glass has always been an art form that I wanted to learn- so this is the perfect gift and we all know that butterflies are connected to transformation -and I do feel like that is what my life is up to. So, thank you -my dear Maria - I am so honored and so thrilled and it is just hard to find the words to express my appreciation of all of your hard work. I could not help but wonder if this was like a sewing project in that when I am working on something -with each stitch they are in my mind and on my heart . I know that you have such a wonderful heart and I hope that the blessings you bestow on others comes back to you doubled !

The big day is coming (Chris in New Zealand at Diet Coke Rocks -Cheats because she has already had Christmas!) I can almost hear the jingle bells on the harnesses of the reindeer as they fly-  so to one and all  Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


  1. I am delighted you like your little butterfly. I was worried it may not make the long journey unbroken either.
    May it brighten your day as it hangs on the window.
    Have a Happy Christmas with you family
    Maria XXXX

  2. LOL I cheat do I?
    I can't help living down here... it's nice down here!