Thursday, December 22, 2011

O Gosh, I am tired

DH took our youngest son to the doctor today and I worked the entire day on two more pair of lounge pants. These are pink camo knit, and it never ceases to amaze me how much work you can put into some thing.

With this project I had to iron the knit fabric because it just was twisted every which way and I needed it to lay nice and flat  for the seams to run straight.  That took at least 45 minutes and then lay everything out and cut so carefully so the seams will be straight- that was another 45 minutes at least , and there you go - you already have  an hour and a half before you even get into the sewing.After sewing most of the day I looked out the window and saw how dark it looked - gosh - the day had already got away from me and I still had chores to do. I was trying to put them off until I had a completed project to show for all of my hard effort-but with dark not far away I took off outside. I took down the rugs that I had washed this morning because somehow  they had dried -even thought it was really dark and cloudy all day long.

I carried out some sheets that I cover the chairs and couch with because of the furbabie hairs. I got them all hung out and started on outside chores and happened to notice that rain was setting in - so, back to the clothes line and jerked them all down & ran them into the dryer. Back outside for the chores and the rain had quit. HUM????? So, I started on chores once again and after I had finished I started to the house and decided that I REALLY needed a walk since the weather is so UNUSUALLY beautiful- temperatures in the 60's . I got half way up the hill when the rain came back and was getting harder all the time so I turned and came back to the house. I locked up the chickens  as I passed by, with the rain getting harder all the time. I think the rain & I were playing a game of tag with each other. : )

SO, back to work and as I laid the two pair out - I noticed I  had the elastic in for the waist, but had neglected the cord .

I remedied that little forgetful clue! Looking better all the time , just wishing I was faster.

So , now I have two more pair of lounge pants for the young gals.This is a Simplicity pattern - one of those made for the nurses and aids and thus, the legs were much too long and I had to cut them off quiet a bit. I used the medium size -but had to even cut them down . Should have used the small size - I was just afraid to. I can always cut them down - but it is a lot harder to blow something back up bigger. : )

Well I better get them wrapped and then see where I am at?
A bucket of HO_HO-HO's to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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