Monday, December 26, 2011

Day After Christmas 2011

Whew - I can not believe that it is all over. All of that hard work has moved onto whom it was created for. I think my body is in shock??? We had beautiful weather and I was so pleased. My oldest son's house was pretty full and we were all scattered all over it. He is lucky that he has so much room-but he works so hard to pay for it -so he deserves it. I have wished through the years that I could have had my grandmother's house , but my uncle burnt it up with a cigarette and smoking in bed. He was so lucky to escape with his life.  Our house is so small that you have to pile things on top of things just to get anything accomplished. Our kitchen is SO small that you can hardly turn around in it without bumping into the fridge or the stove. I can't even have a table, which I would love , so I could fix pretty things to go on it. Probably better I don't because DH has a way of always piling things everywhere as he travels through. I guess that is why marriage is a compromise - plus , it gives us a chance to learn new lessons. I am tired of this years lessons - I hope I can just breath for the rest of the year.This is a time that I like to just count my blessings and take time to appreciate what this year has been about. But now I wanted to share with you a gift that I am So very proud of . This is a lap quilt that my 15 year old granddaughter made for me and she has done very little sewing. I know she did a pillow , so with this project I was SO SHOCKED to see her tackle such a difficult project, especially for me. I am so honored. This side is all cartoon kitties and their sayings.

I was also smitten by the binding that she used and what a good job that she did.

This one says, we possess automatic climatic control, as kittie hairs fly every which way. : )

But , if you turn it over it has doggies all over the back side. I am just so thrilled and talk about warm - I covered my legs with it when we got  home and in just a few minutes it was hot under there. Two of the pups came to share it with me and it passed their best approval rating. : )

I am still beaming . I have always felt that when somebody makes you something that it is quiet an honor.


  1. Oh Linda your Lap Quilt your GD made is just gorgeous and I am pleased it will keep you warm in the cooler months.
    I love to see the younger ones sewing.

  2. How lovely of your granddaughter to make you such a gorgeous rug!