Monday, February 28, 2011

Not the Monday I Intended

I  thought a brand new start to a brand new week-But- I started off fighting with the phone company this morning . I was on the phone for 4 hours trying to get this mess resolved. You know how it is - they pass you to one person and you sit and wait 20 minutes and then you move on down the line repeating all the information over and over and over until your ears are numb! Remember they terminated my service about a week ago .then I got 3 notices of 3 different amounts of money and on top of that another termination service. But after 4 hours I got lucky and got a Man- who was an angel and he saved the day!

By then the pet store called and we had to make a trip to town -plus then to the feed store. I thought I had more money than I did - so it took every single penny that I had. But I got a fresh bag of cornmeal- I love getting it fresh from the mill-they are wonderful folks who work hard for a living - yet they always treat you like family.

It was a very sad trip because you have to go around a VERY SHARP curve and it goes under a train trestle. There was a bouquet of flowers. on the bank of the creek and in the water was another one. It turned out that two young teen age boys were walking on the trestle and the train came along and ran over them.  It was such a terrible tragedy.

By then we were on our way home and it was Pouring Rain and Thunder loud enough to sound like a bomb going off! When we got in the house I fixed us something to eat ( have you ever had cream of celery soup with a can of tuna mixed in -then over chow mein noodles  - or DH eats his over toast and I do the noodles)

By then I had ran out of energy and I knew not to get back on my sunflower table mats. I watched a couple of programs and I am calling it quits for the night. Time has got away from me once again. I have really been trying hard to get to bed at a decent time because I love waking up early but with fibromyalgia - it is a battle  .

SO, I love you all and hope we all have a wonderful new day tomorrow! : )

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  1. I always love hearing about your day. I have a friend with fibro and she says it is so hard but when she keeps moving it helps. I made the mistake of falling upstairs....yes, going up the stairs. Leave it to me! But I am just sore. I still can't believe that someone can fall going upstairs. lol