Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sometimes it may not be just the project?

But sometimes it may end up being more about the process? You know like when we used to do those geometry problems? I poured over those mysterious numbers and letters and on the surface it looked like I knew what I was doing-but I did not understand at all.

Now here is this project -that started out an enjoyable experience-but this is life and it has so many twists and turns, and that is the way this project is going? Now it is becoming about the process.

So, I sit and study and wonder and see all kind of twists and turns-but I don't think I have the knowledge to accomplish my goals. So, what do you do in that circumstance?

Well, I will treat this as a set of steps.I do not know how many steps it might take - but I firmly do believe that your , "Just Start Somewhere".

I decide that instead of a square end inserted into the mat that I will take them all apart and now draw the circular shape of the base -ONTO- the opposite end of the petal?

This shows how much I have already cut the petal down to get to the square base -SO -

I decide to draw the shape onto both ends of a new petal pattern.

This shows the new shape.

Here are my new petals -now circular on both ends?

Time to start my sandwich all over again. At least I am learning how to make that sandwich -and now I add

The second part will have all the petals like this and then add the stabilizer part on top with right sides facing each other. ?????

So that plus this adds up to become?
To become my sandwich once again! : ) Should I get excited -OR- maybe some dread?

Well? Definitely not dread! Sure, its not right this time either-but there has to be another path. I am just beginning to learn that getting to the end right off the bat is really wonderful. I would be so proud to pull off what is in my head-But- I have also spent some quality time with some lovely fabric and I still see the golden ring out there to capture - so , my Adventure is not over yet.

Plus, DH and I have been sick again today. He started out earl this morning with the trots and I thought a chainsaw was cutting a path across our hardwood floor. Then tonight after supper it was my turn-so this has been a "pleasant distraction"

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  1. That flower looks too complicated to me!
    Glad I'm not doing it.
    Hope you and his nibs are feeling better soon...