Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Mystery is defined as something unexplained,unknown or kept secret. Something to excite curiosity.That was the way I felt about life today? Something was wrong and I just could not put my finger on it. DH had to take our oldest son to the doctor today and for our son to go see a doctor he has to be in unbearable pain . He was -he had an abscess and hemorrhoids that had to be lanced and now he has to have surgery on them Friday. He is already worrying himself to death about bills since he is the only one in his family who works.

When DH left I should have been pleased to be able to tear around the house like a mad woman? But, for some reason something was wrong and I could not put my finger on it. I was cold and aching all over and my mind was taking a vacation from me and I just could not accomplish anything.

It was getting late so I went out to re-check on all the critters and to put wood in the outdoor wood stove. I just do not know how in the world DH can pick up those monster logs and put them in the stove???????I had an awful time getting them in there.

Then I can back in and the house was nice and warm and my creativity started to return. It was like it had left home without me! LOL

I had already "butchered" a pair of slacks that I had tackled when my mind was on vacation somewhere. I had got one set of legs cut out and then some how when I was cutting out the second set of legs  I had cut into the other set . O, it was a disaster . Jeepers - that is what happens when my mind takes a break and leaves me high and dry???

Blondie was busy keeping her dad's chair seat warm and ready for his return. : )

Then someone was knocking on the front door and all the dogs raised the roof . I tried to shoo them and I had thought it was one of the grandsons at the door because one has a black jacket like I thought I was seeing. But it turned out to be two young Mormon  men  and I was a  filthy mess. I did hold the door so that they would not get bit . I told them I could not let them in because of my ankle bitters and they braved the freezing cold with the whipping wind trying to explain their mission. I told DH that I had the strangest sensation - these were strangers to me and it was like my mind was pulling a total blank. Anything I thought I wanted to say just up and left the building .I did not like being caught off guard and dirty to boot- so my wee little brain just up and ran off and left me google-eyed and at a loss.I Hated to be that way , but I can tell that between the post tramatic stress and the fibromyalgia fog -I just get lost and do not know what to do or how to act. I was very disappointed at myself. :(

Some days I would like to just be a fish and swim around in the nice water and enjoy the moment. : )


  1. Oh Yes I do too Linda. I think I often have a goldfish brain. Can only remember things for 3 seconds.

  2. I don't think I'd enjoy that type of surprise either. Sorry about your pants. Were these a Christmas gift for next Christmas?

  3. I hope today is better for you. As far as cutting into the pants underneath I have several pair of pants that have holes on the top of my thigh because I was cutting something in my lap and cut clear through.