Thursday, February 10, 2011

Knowledge is power

That is what I read when I was little and I observed that in my everyday life.  That was what I was craving for when I was lucky enough to find Lynne. She had it and I wanted to drink from the same fountain as she did. :)
Back a hundred years ago when I was in grade school that was within my grasp. The teacher would teach and I would soak it all up. But you let a lifetime slip by you and thinks happen. Some of it comes with age they say.But some of it comes from enemies that we cannot see or fight-example the fibromyalgia that attempts to steal what I  need to know. Then you throw in a car accident -and - there you go - things do not work like they did before .

I think that one day when I was browsing through  every sewing article I could find and bumped into  the place that  had a list of  sewing teachers all over the United States. With my curiosity aroused I checked it out and when I discovered a teacher within a few miles of my home - I was delirious with joy. The friendship that developed was one of the greatest things that has happened in my life.

I am still learning and relearning and still trying and you learn something new with every project you tackle.For example on the most current two projects with these slacks :1. first I learned how you can cut into half of your project and thus ruin it - even if you have perfect expectations. 2. I learned that the fabric had a property all of its own. To just touch it - it had a nice soft feel to it and it had body so that it seemed like it would have some "light" warmth - But- after they turned into the real deal they are too lightweight to be warm and due to its softness and light fluff - it is a MAGNET for all of my puppies fur! So, I will have some options , either wear them only to go to town  -OR- buy one of the biggest roller thingies that have the sticky on them and you roll them and they catch lint or in my case -they capture LOTS of hair???????

I think maybe I will just try it and see what happens ?? So , batters up time to experience a new lesson !
Love to all - and to all a good night (or good morning) Cocoa says good night too! : )

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