Monday, February 7, 2011


Yes, that was what my "wake-up" call was for this morning -bright and early. I decided I better get it done before I totally wore out the paper that the doctor gave me to give to them -to let them know what she wanted.

Yes, I know I should not have stayed up so late last night - errr?????? Or- early this morning -but you  know how it is. After supper is finished and you get things cleaned up and you get DH parked in front of the television with a nice cup of hot coffee and peace finally resides in your household - the spark of creativity begins to blossom with some type of idea - OR - it gives you the opportunity to just ponder until you finally hatch a plan! :)

These are not the same , "furbabies" . The top one is Little Bear and the bottom one is her sister Dixie Doodles who is a year older. They are pure joy to have around and they have totally different personalities.Just having them in my life means the world to me.

I went to today and looked for some knits I could use for the guys . I have learned something about colors this past year. It seems that my crew enjoy colors of nature browns and grays  and a mixture of the  camo colors!  My stash is getting pretty low-all of the colors from Fabric .com I made short use of them and they disappeared quick.  I keep an eye on that 1.75  bin, but it has been a while since any of my colors have  been pushed through. Shoot!

I have a girl friend who has a birthday coming up  at the first of next month? Maybe I can dig something out of my stash for her? I do have a few of the pastel colors left. I will just have to hunt and peck????

I have some other projects that I hope to do something about . But, jeepers -everything takes MONEY!  I HATE that problem. LOL  I have a packet that I have saved for two years now that is making clothes for our young soldier boys who have come home injured  and it has special closures  for different types of disabilities.

I would have had a lovely day -if it had not been for the afternoon that our oldest son and I have spent attempting to make that acomputer co-operate! I would like to just up and pull its tailfeathers out! Maybe it would not feel so uppity then! LOL

OK , I hear the "Great Tractor Man" returning home . I am going to scat and fix his something to eat!... :)

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  1. Still having computer trouble?
    At least it ain't the sewing machine!
    What are ya cooking?
    I'm boiling eggs for salad tonight.
    I already boiled 9... but I fogot them and they boiled themselves dry... for about 40 minutes! You should have smelt the stink in the house!
    Better go and make sure I don't do it to the next 9 in the pot!