Monday, February 14, 2011

Neat Treat!

I ran across a very interesting piece that I am so anxious to share with all of you -whether it be your love of music -OR- your love of quilting -OR- just love of fabric -OR - love of design?????/  This was the first time I have ever seen anything like this put together. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did . It is amazing to see all the different quilt patterns come to life!

My post is short tonight-as another day has come and gone and I am still playing catch-up. We had horrible high winds here today . I was watching out for those breaking tree limbs today as I did outside chores.

Then I came in and it took me an hour to bath 5 of my precious furbabies. They were not so happy with me-but I was happy to get that job done. Then one of my aquarium pumps quit working and that took another hour to sweet talk it into coming back to life.

Then time to fix supper and feed DH. I made that easy by having vegetable soup and he had a peanut butter sandwich and I had a cheese sandwich with it.  I was already entertaining thoughts of my next project in the sewing room when DH side -tracked me . He wanted me to work on his new (new to us) computer to see what we need to get him back online . When you don't have the knowledge that you need it is very challenging to accomplish what you need to do. So, I spent the next 3 hours hunt and pecking to figure it out .

Then I ordered what I thought was the part we need for four bucks. Hope, hope, hope -I got it right!
Now it is almost 3AM in the morning . IF only I did not have to sleep - it is so nice and quiet at this time of the day -but I know if I try to make it an all-nighter that I would pay Dearly with my health - so I just had to pop on here and say Hi -plus, share that interesting site!

Love to all and hope that you have not been blown away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )


  1. Well I really must go and check it out then... catch ya later!
    And go to bed earlier!

  2. So sorry to hear about all your troubles! I hope things are getting better and you feel better, too.
    I like the flower placemat idea. Why don't you just cut the petals down and make them a lot smaller. You might have to make a few more, but it might work better that way. I love that central fabric!