Sunday, February 6, 2011

I am just so grateful that the computer decided to let me out to play! :)

Check this out! I know it just looks like dirt and trees - BUT- the real Treasure here is SUNSHINE. It seems to have been So long since I have seen it that I am having trouble believing it is real! : ) That little "bump" in the center is DH playing on his tractor!

I am also so glad that we did not get the snow they had called for this past week . I sure am not upset with the weather people! All that snow up at New England just takes my breath away. And the horrible floods in Australia just breaks my heart. It really makes me "count by blessings - Bigtime"!!!!!!!!

While I have been so busy today my precious little , Mochia  has been guarding our bed . She worked so hard at it that she had to sneak in some naps. I truly love her so much. She is a real "CARD" when she wants to be.

Our oldest son will have a birthday next Sunday. He is such a hard worker-sometimes it really breaks my heart to see him do so much . I try to remind him that we all need little breaks along the way.. I Really like this blue camo fabric! I caught it on sale at for 1.75 a yard -plus, free shipping. Can't beat that deal can you. : )

This is the design I used : Land of the Free -Because of the brave. I made one for my brother-in-law also because he had an army career. These brave people who keep our lives safe -for all of us.

Well, DH has come in and I better go attempt to feed him. Plus , I almost have a chocolate cake ready for him. Stay safe and love to all. : )


  1. So glad you're not caught under the snow. This weather is crazy all over the world. We in West Aussie are dealing with bush fires this week. Luckily none are too close to us but plenty of our friends are too close.

  2. Yaa for dirt and not snow.
    That shirt is lovely and the words are too.

  3. You have no snow! It is amazing to see dirt this time of year. We are buried (in snow) in Northern Ohio and even worse in central Illinois.

    Your shirt turned out great. You did a fine job!

  4. Pleased you are enjoying some sunshine Linda.