Sunday, February 27, 2011

If it was not for my little inspector I don't know what I would do-she saves my sanity with her perfect love. : )

I "think" I am getting a little smarter at this - I started sewing the stabilizer down to the back side of  one of the  parts of the flower.

Then I took all the petals that were left and cut them down to the right side and SHAPE! : )

I sewed all the petal pieces and then turned them right side out.

And then when it came down to the last two flowers and I got tired and OF COURSE you know it was time for me to start making mistakes! I guess I had to live up to my reputation ! LOl

But it has been a busy day - aside from an early start doing all my chores and feeding DH and then I fixed a meal for the kids who came so sweetly today to cut wood for us.

Then Surprise - our youngest son and his lovely young bride came and brought the baby out to see us. The little angel is growing . He weighs 11 pounds now and he has started to lift that head and turn around and look at everything he can see. He is just as cute as can be and they are both Excellent parents - I am so proud of them I could just "POP"!I told Meagan today that I was so glad they waited to have a baby because they came to learn more about themselves and by waiting they now appreciate him so much. I wish ALL babies could have it so lucky.

I had made him a little pair of blue booties and after checking his little feet out - I think they ended up being the perfect size. : )

Well, it is almost midnight and my little pekingese is beside me snoring -so I think I will call it quits for now -so I WON"T MAKE ANY MORE BIG MISTAKES! I will start again tomorrow.

Love to your all!


  1. Ah You are getting the idea now Linda.

    It is so nice when the young ones call in to see you. Very thoughful of them to chop the wood as well.

  2. Your little helper is so sweet. They can love unconditionally can't they? And on top of that, they don't talk back. lol