Friday, February 25, 2011

My Kitchen Placemat Journey

OK! Would you believe that I have "figured out" the "magic keys to the sunflower heaven"! And the battle has made it all that more Sweet! I even went to the trouble of sewing it back together the way I had done it yesterday -just to make sure nothing had changed on me. LOL

When I saw that it was still raised up on the stilts created when the petals buckled up - I knew that was not going to work. So, I sat and stared and stared and stared and moved the pieces of the puzzle all around! I kept thinking that the properties of knit are so much more forgiving than that of cotton. I kept remembering when Lynne helped me make my DH 3 shirts for Christmas about 4 years ago. He dearly loved them - but they were a Major pain! You can imagine with my "damaged brain" -but I keep telling myself to look at things "INSIDE OUT- and wrong side up!

Even when I make the tee shirts -it amazes me how the pieces always look backward to me when I start! I knew it was a step that had to be considered "hard" in my limited abilities. All this was running through my head -when that little light went off ! I was doing the petals BACKWARDS-I was attempting the way the puzzle piece was suppose to be -but it would have to be the opposite for it to work!

So, I yanked out a piece of spare cotton and cut out a petal , but instead of the base part being circular I turned the circle like an "upside down - like a frown?  Then I cut it out and fought with it to force the frown backwards of the circle and sewed it in and -YEP! It worked like a glove! I had found the "magic combination!"

This was the way I recut the petals?

Now it lays nice and flat - it just looks rumpled because I had man-handled it to get it to turn inside out! LOL

Talk about WORK! That supposedly simple project turned out to be a Challenge for me! LOL
That was on top of putting bread in the bread machine to make while I worked on this and when I checked it - it had filled the pot and over run all over the place - but the bread was almost as flat as a fritter!!!!!!! So , I was beginning to think there was nothing I could lay my hand to - that I would not turn to a disaster. I like to never got all that mess cleaned up !

Then I decided to attempt to make DH some fresh rolls for supper! After a few minutes I peeked in the machine and instead of a dough looking back at me was a running river! So, I carefully added flour to make it look more like dough instead. I had it on dough cycle and when that finished I shaped it into rolls. I had put the timer on for 30 minutes -but DH could smell them and came to take a peek . They looked done to him so he pulled them out. I said there was no way those things could be done in ten minutes so I pulled one out with a spoon and he popped it open to see if it was doughy? It was done , but when you would pick it up the inside was bone dry and it just crumbled into crumbs right in your hand?

I decided that there was nothing I could lay my hand to that was safe-so we ate a fast supper and I called it quits! Before I could do any more disasters and make Even more mess-that I would have to clean up.

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  1. Well bummer about the bread! I have only ever made loaves in the bread maker... they always come out luckily.
    Better luck next time with your bread baking mate.