Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Do you think "hump-day" is here for a reason?

You know, kinda like a comma tells you to pause for a break , or maybe to just "regroup"????  I was so  grateful that it is the day I get to visit with my counselor and she has ways of opening up a "bigger picture"! I was explaining some "weird to me" experiences I was having concerning two young Mormon's who showed up on my door  yesterday -right in the middle of when I was  Filthy dirty from some of my cleaning projects.

I was shocked to learn that some of the things were related to my post tramatic stress I have been dealing with , ever since the wreck.  I still  think it is very unfair to live through an event - and then have it come back to torment you later on down the path.

My mind was trying to wrap itself around some of these new bits of information and as we arrived home - we stopped at the mailbox  and pulled out all those bills -but there was one package Different! I could not see to read the name so when we carried it in I was so Surprised to see the name Chris -from Diet Coke Rocks! A big ole smile came across my face when I saw that it had traveled all the way from New Zealand. That little package had traveled more than I will ever travel. What an honor! I did not want to even open it because I wanted the experience to last and not just be over. I knew what ever it was -that it was something that she had put "herself " into it. : )

OK, OK - I finally broke over and opened it.I saw Blue and smiled because she and I both share the love of color blue - probably because it relates to the ocean.

I had tried to fold it open so you could see the pretty colors inside. I love the way that she matched all these different designs into one precious project! That is one gift that I do not have and it amazes me to see others do it. : )

Look at these two beautiful mug rugs!  My camera does not show the beautiful colors like it should . I remembered the shells from her blog heading. Her machine did some of the prettiest stitches!  When you gals make these lovely mug rugs -you know they are really too pretty to get dirty!  : )

Talk about a camera NOT showing true colors! I am disgusted with the camera -because her work is truly amazing! I did tell her that I will not be using them as "cards to mail" for quiet a while because I am going to put them on the wall of the sewing room -along with Micki's mug rug and Maria's angel and Sue's wee bird! It is true magic to have my friends from all over the world! Now when I get blue I can count my blessings ! 

Thank you so very much , my dear friends! Gifts from the heart truly make you feel loved.


  1. So happy that you got a thrill from getting my parcel. I feel the same way when I get one too!
    I hope you get many more over the years.

  2. Isn't it amazing how the Lord sends something to make you smile just at the right time. Love the gifts.

  3. So pleased your parcel made you feel happy. What beautiful gifts.