Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hello, Hello , Hello!

What a wonderful day! I have felt like a defeated "computer-mom" after fighting ALL week long with these computers. But I am so stubborn. I felt like I was defeated once and even called all around me to see who works on computers in our area. Well the first business had had their phones disconnected and the rest of them did not answer their phones or even have answering machines? So, that throwed me back out in the "river of computer woes" again. I am definitely not "computer savy" , but at least here I am visiting with you again! I am so terribly happy to see you again that I felt like my canary , Sunny -who likes to "sing for joy" when he counts his blessings. :)

One of my projects is still DH some more gloves for  his crooked hand. I had caught this fabric on sale last year at It is a knit and it feels like a heavy knit with latex or spandex so while it is heavy enough to have a little support it is also easy to stretch  a little bit. Plus, by being a little heavier than regular knit -it is also a little warmer on  his hands in this  zero weather. This time I have experimented with some velcro on the wrists because it makes them not fall off when he is working. Seems like he really enjoys them too. Now, If I could only remember what they called it?????????????? LOL

This is one story very different from regular projects. A few years back I caught two pieces of sweat-shirt knit on sale when Wal-mart used to carry fabric. I was thrilled and it was 2.00 /yard. I also found a piece of brown too.

One day the fabric had slid off of the chair it was laying on and went to the floor. Once I had found it my fur-puppies had all claimed it and it was covered in hair - so I washed it and folded it up and decided that it would make my pups a nice soft bed for the crate that they like to hide in. It has been in the crate with a pillow case for the last year and had been washed as often as I wash out sheets.

Then the other day I thought , I would sure love to have a couple of pair of warm pants to work in around the house. I checked my stash and could not find anything warm. The dryer was screaming for me to come get the things out of the dryer and as I pulled everything out  I noticed the  piece of blue  fabric?????????

SOOO , I got this wild idea  that I would make my very own pattern from a pair of pants that I have almost wore - out , but still enjoy. Next I thought I would use that piece of knit to test this new Pattern on and that way if I had muffed it , I would not be losing a new fabric, as my stash if really shrinking.

So, low and behold the pattern turned out much better than I had hoped for and I love these blue pants! Gosh, you just never know how things can turn out - so I guess this is the story of the "dog-pillow" that broke wild and turned into a really nice pair of slacks , which put a big smile on my face! :)

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  1. Good for you for making your own pattern. My grandmother used to take things apart all the time and use them for patterns. I have done it also. It is a good feeling, isn't it?