Saturday, February 12, 2011

Are We All Pumped Up For A New Week?

Sometimes I feel like my kitty, Cowboy - UPSIDE DOWN! LOL

DH is still sick - but I am hoping a little better -because he just asked about food. : )What ever this has been has been Horrible for him. Today is the first day since Weds. that he has not throwed up ! YEA! Of course he has had the runs and that is miserable . He has had his flu shot so we were puzzled what in the world could jump on him this bad. This morning he woke up "hoarse" and has had so much congestion. It has really been hard on him .

So this afternoon I have worked on another pair of slacks. These  are made from the sweatshirt knit and I am hoping they will  help keep me a little warmer. FINALLY - I am starting to  get the hang of pants- I sure hope I can hang onto this knowledge! I am so thrilled to have been able to pull this off!!!!!!!!!! Plus, I am thrilled to have something to wear that fits. But, I am learning that all human beings bodies are so different , as well as their personalities. : )

We have had such a pretty day with temperatures in the 40"s. The sunshine is lovely and the next few days is suppose to be like this. Tomorrow is our oldest son's birthday and he will be 37.  I have made him a shirt, but will have to wait to see how DH is tomorrow as we definitely do not want to take him some kind of illness -especially just after his surgery. So, I will just wait and see. : )

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  1. I hope you husband gets better. It sure sounds like the flu. I have 2 grands with strep throat right now. Happy Birthday to your son!