Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm Not The Only One Who Gets Into Trouble!

As you can see, I am Not the only one who gets into trouble. Sometimes It just comes hunting you! This was when my DH got his little tractor mired up in our creek.

I guess maybe this past week has been a lot like that for me too.You knew I was having computer troubles and I was struggling with that obstacle! But- the Biggie came when I had written Verizon - our internet provider and told them that I could not get on their site to pay my bill and could they give me any tips on what I could do????

Well- the tip was the next day when I went to get online to check my email for an answer! The answer was we had NO internet and we had NO house phone and we had NO cell phone! I could not even call them now to try to fix it?????

Of course If we picked up the phones it would leave us a message saying Pay NOW. Well, If I knew how to do that -I would not have been in this mess. Even the computer would go straight to a pay wanting immediate payment then.They even had it fixed for a one time payment. I was afraid to do that Because I had posted a payment on the 3rd to go to them on the 18th and I did not know IF it had connected with them or not? I could not post a second payment because that would take out two payments from my checking account and that would make all the other bills go bouncing???? Finally the 18th came and went and NO service! So, we loaded up and took the hour trip to a Verizon store and asked for their help sorting the mess out????

They treated them the very same way and they could not take our money and give our service back???? Now we headed home with the money still having their name on it and no service???? I was totally stumped, but when we got home I agreed to make the one time payment and just see where the problems were going to fall.Well, that one did go through and we got our service back and when I was sorting through ALL those emails that were jammed into my email - there where two from Verizon-one saying that they were sorry they had not helped me with my problem, ect, ect. Needless to say I was fuming by then. I told them I was very upset with them because I had never been treated like that by any business! That the day I would have received their email - they had already cut my service out -how was I suppose to reply to them and that I had no phone to call them -and that they had even sent a letter in the mail saying how they knew that I still had internet service and that I was in danger of losing that if I did not make that one time payment! My service had been off a week by then? I was beginning to think that all of the company must be on drugs OR had lost their minds!

And it has been a nightmare getting everything back up and running -something about losing your service and you had to do all this "Stuff" before you could make your things Work again!  We can then add to this excitement that I was still fighting some kind of "bug" and it then decided to jump on me too because the right hand side of my face started to swell and it swelled up and up and up and up until I could no longer look over my cheek to see anything????????????? Then it all started to turn black and blue - like a monster bruise. I couldn't even call the doctor ????? I now look something like a bulldog who kissed a Mac Truck! So, you can see how much fun I have had this past week! I would have gladly shared it with anybody who needed some excitement in their lives! I stay home and try to behave myself and still get into trouble. OOOO for the nice quiet life I dream of ???????????????????????? :)

But, I did decide to get myself into some more trouble so I had bought two pieces of cotton fabric two years ago and it was my goal to turn them into table mats.Then with all this excitement my brain took a wild break and decided NOT to just do the sensible square mats -BUT- it just had to dream of something more inspirational like turning them into a flower -since SPRING is on its way.This pale yellow is the color that I am cutting out the petals .

And this pretty floral piece is destined to become the main  part of the flower and then I also  used some stabilizer  to sandwich in there to hopefully make them more durable.

So here are the Major players in this new project. They look so innocent laying there -but I am wondering if they are more like the  phone company and have a few sneaky treats up their sleeves!

I am SOOOOOO hoping that all of you have been alright in my absence and that life has been good to you . Maybe you have accomplished some of your goals! So, love to all of you and let's see where this new week takes us too. !


  1. So glad you are back on line. We missed you
    Hugs from me.

  2. WOW LINDA!!! I HOPE BY NOW YOUR CHEEK/FACE is better!!! That is terrible!!!

    What a night mare Verizon was!!! I HATE that for you!!!