Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hard to capture Mother Nature

This is the general idea that I was shooting for -to turn a sunflower into a place mat for the table.But as you can see - I did not plan for the petals to be so far apart? I am pleased with my idea - but not with how it looks. That's pretty bad when you can't even get your mind to pull off an idea that is your own! 

OK, my first alteration is cutting down those petals so they won't be so long and take up all the space on your table!Don't worry - I am still making mistakes and still learning - errrrr- attempting to! LOL 

OK, I lay them all in place and scoot the petals down further to get to where they are fatter and thus, cover all the space around the flower? 

YEA RIGHT- me and my , " placing them in the "right position"! I was so careful and measured everything so perfectly and when I turned the project inside out - you can see that I sewed my petals INSIDE of the flower!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRR!

Well , at least you know that I now get to use my most perfect gift! RIPPING!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL  I ripped the entire project apart and rearrange the positions.  

Well, at least I now have everything in the proper position -BUT - now the petals kinda want to raise up where they join the base of the flower???  Hummmmmmm? Do I REALLY want to rip everything out again?Maybe I could just topstitch  every thing ???? But , If I do that -it might make everything look ucky?????? Now I tell myself that I am a good ripper --my other shadow tells me I am going to "wear out the fabric" - just ripping apart my mistakes?Hummm??? I have got to get ready for my counseling - so I will take some time to weigh my options?

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  1. Why not lay the flower on another piece of fabric that is in a rectangle or square shape and applique it on top?