Sunday, February 13, 2011

Well Poo! Mr. Computer is mad at me again

And I know this because I had saved a link to something beautiful I wanted to share with you.SOOOOO , I guess I had better get with it before it shuts me down.

After a game of catch me if you can all morning I was so pleased to enter my sanctuary of sewing. I knew I had one piece of  a kinda charcoal knit that seemed a heavy weight

LOL-Then I got stuck!I could not figure out with side was the "right " side???????????????????? I tried to pick my brain to figure it out and then I gave up and goggled it . I knew there would be an answer out there somewhere for me and finally I discovered it. Knit fabic usually rolls to the back side-so that settled my little delimma .

So I laid every thing out and went to cutting. It was a heavy weight and I am hoping I can wear them now. I made one more boo-boo- I was using a pale gray thread and when it laid against the dark charcoal color it made it appear as a glaring white. Well, poo! But I decided not to rip it all out and sew it with the black like my wee little brain had told me in the beginning Might be a good idea???? I will either wear them here at home only -or- make sure I wear a long body tee shirt to cover the waist band.

It was a very good day because DH is improving from where he was so sick . Today it changed over to congestion that was so bad I almost could not understand him.

Our young friend came and helped DH get some wood in and that was such a blessing. I fixed him vegetable soup and peanut butter sandwiches.Then I gave him the tee shirt I had made him for his birthday this last week. He was very pleased and we are so appreciative for his kindness.

Well shoot - I cannot seem to make this camera behave itself with the colors-but I did finish them. : ) My day is gone and a new week is already under way. I love that we are suppose to have some more pretty weather and I hope that each of you will too!

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