Saturday, December 3, 2016

Saturday Sewing Guild Annual Dinner

I have not been posting because for some reason blogger cannot pick up my pictures from my phone. After starting to use it that brief period of time I was so thrilled to access nice pictures and then all of a sudden it just quit. I have researched WiFi on my phone and on my computer but with no success. I have rebooted everything and even got a USB cable for my phone and still no luck. The last pictures it sees are Nov.17th? So you and I both know one picture is worth a thousand words .

Since that time I had the house fire where the wall behind the wood stove erupted in flames. My daughter and her young man at the time helped me save the house and then they tore out the entire wall where it was burned down to the siding. I was in total shock and Crystal said if I had been asleep I would probably been overcome with the smoke and probably not still be here. Then Crystal rebuilt the wall and the insulation and sheet-rock which she felt was safer than the old paneling? I think she is right but it is funny because she Loves sheet-rock and I Hate sheet-rock , so everyday I look at it I think of her . lol

Of course the fire interrupted all of my holiday gift making and I am just now thinking about getting back on track. I had to go to the eye doctor and get a new prescription. I picked up my new glasses and the long distance is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better - it has helped me with driving tremendously. But, the close up is horrible and I cannot see the fine print now and working on close up is bad so I called and they told me to come Tuesday and they will see if they can help?

When Crystal broke up with her young man I lost my wood helper so I had to order a new electric chainsaw because I cannot start the gas one for some reason -machines really do hate me. I have been using the electric one to cut up some firewood that one of Crystal's friends dropped in the yard and it has been nice to have some really nice wood to work with. I was scared to start the wood stove back up but ordered a thermometer that sits on top of the stove and tells you the temperatures and the ranges that are good to burn in or bad and that is beneficial. Then today I received a new high velocity fan to put behind the stove that blows on the pipe that got hot  and keep it cool . It is a double insulated pipe that was not suppose to get hot but it did ?

Then today was the Sewing Guild Annual Christmas dinner . My sewing buddy, Lynne paid my way and took me. It was a exciting event. It was at a fancy club and while everybody was mingling I was exploring . I discovered it had the Most Beautiful fish pond Inside the building ! The bottom of the pond was covered in blue tiles!!!!!!!!!! It ran all under the stairs to the back door. I took pictures but they did not turn out good at all because it was so darn dark. Imagine having something that beautiful with NO LIGHTS on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A gift for each of us at our tables was hand crafted scissor fobs that the Christmas committee had made. I got lucky enough to sit beside one of the members who had made mine and she is a pure delight. She wrote down the names of each of the stones in mine. As we talked she told me that her mother had come to visit and as they were getting ready to come she had started to feel ill so since the member had duties at the dinner her hubby offered to take her to the hospital to have her checked out? As we sat talking she got a phone call that all was not good-so she had to leave immediately. It broke my heart for her. For those of us lucky enough to enjoy our Moms it is heartbreaking when their health fails? and the holidays are a tough time to deal with issues like that. I remember when I lost my Mom that we were lucky enough to make it through the holidays and to enjoy them!

I will continue to try to figure out the pictures issue because we all love our pictures! Sending all love!  


  1. Great to see you back. Good to know your home is repaired, sounds like your daughter is very handy to have around. Sad her relationship broke down. I hope she is doing well where she is right now, I'm not sure what is going on at the place she's at, I'm not up with USA news.

  2. Sure hope your eye glasses get fixed for both distances~!
    Sorry about Crystal's boyfriend. sigh~ Hope someone can help with the wood chopping~
    Sounds like a good fish pond!