Friday, December 23, 2016

Dec. 23, 2016

My sweet daughter-in-law helps the kids with their bowling balls I got them. They have a nice Long Hall that they can use and maybe keep out of her hair for a couple of minutes while she bakes.

Conner will be turning 3 in Jan. and he is such a little rascal. Tracy has been homeschooling his brother , Emmett who is 5 and since he has been hanging out with them during school Tracy says he already knows his A,B,C's. He is so full of curiosity and love of life.

Emmett is a little sweetie- he is autistic but where Tracy works with him all the time he has learned so very much since he came to live with them. He can count to infinite numbers and is so sweet and loving. Me and this phone camera just do not always see eye-to-eye and then my bad eyes do not help matters a lot of the time.

 Cory loves these two little guys to pieces and is always involved in their antics.

My life is richly blessed because of all the ones that I love.

My two front tires were flat again this morning so I decided to take my daughter's advice and take them to the garage she uses to have them worked on. She had mentioned breaking them down and putting in new valve stems , ect. I did not want to make the trip but I wanted to get these tires to quit going flat as I have a few doctor appointments in the near future and I do not want to miss them.

So, I go there and told them what the tire problem was and also that I needed a fuse put in the fusebox for the radio and cigarette lighter.

After a short wait the young man brought me back my keys and said the tires were fine and they had pumped them up??? I looked at the other young man and he asked if they had put the fuse in so they pulled the car back around and was gone for a little while , then brought it back and gave me my keys and I asked how much I owed them and they said NOTHING????? I thanked them SO much and wished them a Merry Christmas- thinking as I was driving out - you pumped the tires up and put in a fuse and I owe Nothing???? So, I tried the radio and NOTHING??????I was so disappointed but since I had not paid I felt I could not complain?

I came home and got a flashlight and looked all up under the dash for signs of a fusebox??????I still could not find it anywhere -but I did manage to make myself sick??????????????? I guess being upside-down ???? I was so sick and woozy -and now really disappointed because I love that radio and when I get scared driving I can turn the radio on to distract me!

When Cory called to say he was coming I was thrilled and asked him if he could find my fusebox??? It took him a couple of looks but he found it and put in a new fuse for me and now the radio works perfect again. It was that plug in air compressor that I had used that day to try to pump up my flat tire that had blown my fuse -just like my girlfriend had said! I agree with Lynne - if it is going to do that then it is useless - especially since I cannot get to my own fusebox and cannot see how to do the fuses! Lesson learned.  I remember DH and I had them when we were young and they never blowed your car fuses-they just worked!

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  1. Merry Christmas Linda!!
    Glad you could get the radio working~!
    Also nice to spend time with loved ones!
    Many hugs~ Cathy