Monday, December 19, 2016

Counting My Monday Blessings

Yes, It looks like a regular door opener, doesn't it ? But , for me it is so much more?  Well, let's see I started out counting my blessings for a wonderful new day to write another chapter in my life. Then I got the donkey fed and he was happy so that made me happy. I got everybody fed and clean water and that made me happy. I had a fresh burrito for breakfast and that really stuck to my ribs all day long and that made me happy. I made an hour trip to drop off a gift and hopefully that made me happy as I had to leave the gift in the door and hope it will be there for the recipient? I had a little bit of trouble with my eyesight but learned that these new Polarized lens help quiet a bit with the macular degeneration -that was nice. It was wonderful that I made the trip safely and delivered some fresh eggs to a neighbor. It was wonderful to arrive safely home and have a home to come home to, as many people do not and I almost did not.

I got my clothes changed and evening chores accomplished and got a fire started for my daughter in her tiny house before she arrived home? But the thing that tickled me the most was after a week of attempting to figure out how you replace a broken door opener on your car door - I FINALLY pulled it off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOO- Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  I could hardly believe it  and I tested it out to make for sure it worked and that little lever really does open our car doors for us! What a wonderful invention. Then when I moved the car I even started to Roll the window down to open that door. Would you believe that after a week of learning to do that -it had started a new habit. Don't worry, it will not take me long to "UNLEARN" that habit! What a true blessing it is to have a door opener and not have to roll down your car window to open your door from the inside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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