Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Weds. Dec. 14

The middle of the week already? Doesn't seem possible. I felt really rough today -maybe an over flow from cutting the wood yesterday in the cold and it upsetting Mr. Fibromyalgia? I was just really weak and SO COLD. I curled up in my chair and stayed there about two hours this morning under a quilt. When I get cold like this it is a little bit like being sedated -you just cannot life a finger to accomplish much of anything.

Finally the house warmed up and I hustled to the sewing room to FINALLy work on those jeans I had started back at Thanksgiving for my daughter for Christmas.

She had wanted American Eagle skinny jeans with crosses on the pockets and I could not find them anywhere -high or low -plus, I did not have hundreds of dollars to put into them so I went hunting on Ebay and then took the pockets off and machine embroidered the crosses onto the pockets.

Getting those pockets off of the jeans without cutting holes in them was a big fight. When they sew those pockets onto the jeans they really mean for them to stay put.!!!!!!!!!!!
Then I was so terrified of messing up when it came to sewing them back onto the jeans.

But, I think maybe they look alright - I just really hope she likes them. I wish I could add some "bling" to them?  But Christmas is starting to wear me down after working all year long on things and I am really tired. I have a few more gifts to wrap . Tonight some miserable cold moves into our area and I will have to get chores accomplished somehow because I have to deliver some gifts as I head to the eye doctor to see how my eyes have progressed after being on the medication this week????

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