Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Weds. Dec. 7,16 how time flies

Rosie is helping me Experiment and looks like she found her way through the "Mulberry patch" of the internet chaos?????

Time just flies by when you stay busy. It was a decent day temperature wise and I worked outdoors most of the day. By the time you grab a bite to eat -go do the critter chores- cut a few pieces of wood and bring them down to the house-but a little bit of kindling - go to the garden and take some litter down - cut a couple heads of cabbages - carry a couple small aquariums down and cover a couple plants to see if it will help them survive the upcoming bitter cold-take my neighbor some eggs and a head of napa cabbage - clean out the ashes and restart the fire for the evening - take a shower -

One of my sweet neighbors popped in with a citrus basket -which I dearly love! One of my very favorite treats. My DH had said one time that he hoped to live long enough to see me get full of oranges - I told him he never would because I never would . I love those little dudes. I was so lucky that last night I had stayed up till 1Am wrapping gifts and I happened to have my neighbor's little gift already wrapped so I could send it home with her and not have to worry about delivering it. Yea- one off the list of things to do.

Then I fixed a small pot of Udon Soup with Bok Choy and Poached Egg for Crystal and I for our supper. I had never eaten bok choy before as this was the first time I had ever grown it and it was really good. I had also never had an egg in a soup before and it was really good too. While I was in the garden I checked the game camera that I had rigged up and had to laugh at two nights of a visiting opossum and two nights with some kitties visiting??? It is fun to see what plays in my garden at night.

After Crystal and I had eaten and she went home I worked on some more of those peeking cat butt coasters.

I hope this is the last of them I need to do???? Time is really running out for making the gifts?

I have to wrap these and get a couple ready to mail. Then I have to work on two for Crystal . One is in the works from before the fire and the other one needs to be started.  OOOPPPs, almost forgot about another friend I wanted to do for??? Then there are two guys to remember. I really hate guys gifts because most guys really desire expensive toys and when you are trying to come up with something whimsical to make them smile or something they can make use of it is a real pain for me, because if they are worth remembering you want them to know they are appreciated????? I like for people to know how special they are.

I need to go to town tomorrow to get some supplies and when you do that your day is pretty well shot. Darn it- life is such a challenge sometimes. I see my minutes flying by and I just cannot seem to keep up. I use to think when you got older that things would slow down but I have decided that they just speed up on you?? There is always another deadline somewhere along the

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