Saturday, December 17, 2016

Run, Run, Run Day

My first stop was to pick up the door opener that I had ordered for my driver's side car door. Rolling your window down every time you need to get out is a real pain. The man thought it would be an easy job until I looked at it and now the rod that I need to get ahold of has disappeared so it looks like I will have to learn how to pull the panel off the door??????????????????????????????

So, I stopped at the little Kibbles on Main and picked up a bag of Rosie's favorite food.

Then on to Walmart's where they did not have my antibiotics ready so I ran back and picked up a shower liner and some hooks. My plan is to mount a metal rod over my back door that the wind is flying through and put this up instead of the mess I had there at the moment.

Then I went to the eye glass place and told them I would have to have my glasses reworked  and gave them the new specs. The lady was not happy one little bit -but she was very nice to me. She told me that it cost them money to have to do that and then they had to destroy my original glasses. But she was kind enough to let me keep these until the new ones come in. I am worried through - if the new ones do not fix the problem of me seeing up close I will just be up the creek without a paddle.

Then I did a little Christmas shopping for my neighbor. I have his wife a gift but not him and I am just hoping this might be something he can use in his shop???? I know he does air because he pumped up the tires on a little garden wagon for me.

I ran in Jo-Ann's and grabbed some "Bling" to try to put on those Jeans for Crystal???? Then I ran to meet up with her because she was taking me out to eat for my birthday. But when I got to the restaurant she called and I had to run Back to the post office to put her up because the brakes on her truck had gone out and her truck was in the garage.

We ate and I dropped her off at the garage and I ran on to pick up a part I had ordered for a bunny cage.  I was so tired of running -that was a total of 7 hours running between 3 towns.

I finally made it home just before dark -in time to cut a small load of wood for Crystal and then to plop down and watch Callie play with my phone cord. I was too pooped to wiggle any more! lol

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