Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tues. Dec.20 - really going by fast

I had a new helper in the sewing room today and she was getting a very close up view of things.

This project is a scarf made from bulky yarn???? I have certainly never tried anything like this before. My daughter had found this scarf with big loops at the Goodwill that she liked and I looked everywhere for a crochet pattern -but nobody had ever heard of anything like it???

Then she said that the donkey stole her scarf so I ran across this idea online.

Gabby has to get a really close up view BECAUSE she is cross-eyed.

I almost let the project defeat me because I kept getting the yarn hung in my feed dogs? But finally I used some washable stabilizer to make it slide better and I went over my stitches many times to hopefully strengthen the stitches.

Coco took time from her nap to come in and check on the progress.

Hum? this is how it looks before I wash it - I have it in the wash right now - we will see how it turns out? Maybe just a big pile of tangled yarn???? Time will tell.lol

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