Monday, December 12, 2016

Cold rainy Monday

Let me just pull my hair out! First it works and then it doesn't? I am beginning to think I will never understand computers and phones and cameras and when things want to play nice together and when they decide Not To -which is NOW.

It was a cold , rainy Monday and I was awakened at 4:14AM  when my daughter went by going out to work and I could not go back to sleep. Well, I had a lot on my mind of things I hoped to accomplish today so I just got up and got busy . I did a little computer stuff -then I went out at daybreak and fed Yukon and checked on the chicks.

Since Crystal was unable to pick me up a part for the air compressor to let me put air in my dumb tires that keep going down I had to break into what was suppose to be a Christmas present and use the little tiny air compressor that you hook up to your cigarette lighter and then to your tire and let it make all the racket in the world as it pumps up your tire. It took about 5 minutes per tire but at least now they were back up so I could head out to the counselor this morning.

I gathered up some gifts to take as I go and some eggs to share with others. Had a nice counselor visit and then ran all over the little town of Christiansburg trying to find a carton of bottled Root Beer Soda. But to no avail -I am wanting them for a gift.

I took off on the interstate and dropped off some more gifts along the way -caught those friends gone visiting their family and I really do enjoy sneaking gifts on the porches and leaving like Santa. lol  I circled by the local Walmart and they had some root beer that was in plastic bottles and plastic containers so I settled for them, picked up two 6 packs. That is one of the pictures I was attempting to download as they turned out funny. I cannot understand why my phone will not send them to the computer????????? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

O Hot dog - after an hour's wait they decided to co-operate! Yea -
After I got the drinks I headed to the eye doctor for my second visit to try to figure out what is the problem with my new glasses??? I was having trouble with my eyes as they would want to fuzz up and it scared me . But God was in control and I arrived safely . The doc gave me another test and another exam. She said something on my eyes was swollen so she gave me eye drops to use 3 x a day for 3 days and then I have to go back and take the test again . She wanted to see if the eye drops would make the swelling go down and thus influence my sight before she issues the new prescription.

I stopped and picked up food for the donkey and the chickens and headed to the barn. I dropped off my last container of eggs - stopped at the mailbox and gratefully arrived home. I fed Yukon and fixed me and Crystal some bean and cheese burritos with spanish rice and they were really good. I was so tired I wanted to just collapse in my chair and call it a night but I needed to get this root beer project out of the way.

So now I have a little herd of root beer reindeer!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could have had a carton to carry them in but I will just have to stick them in a box . Since my friend lives on Very Little retirement I am trying to come up with things that he enjoys and one thing he Loves is his Root-BEER!!!!!!!!!!! He is one of the Few people I have ever met who drinks it.

Then me and the fishies had a conversation about the big day tomorrow that I need to get some sleep for. I have lots of chores, have to unload the car of all the feed and then hope to cut firewood from the pile the friend dropped from his dump truck. The weather is looking bad to me this week -down in the teens and high winds and I need to cut this wood and move it down to the house . I will try to cut all of the pieces that my electric saw will handle. There are some pieces that are as big around as my body and I know it will not handle that but I will just manage what I can. I can take all the small pieces and take them up to my daughter's tiny house for her little stove-so I should be good and tired tomorrow night too. Lots of good exercise and trying to remember to handle chainsaws with Great respect as they can change your life in a minute .

Right now my little Bandit is outdoors giving the opossum grief. When I got to see him actually fall over and play possum the other night I wanted a picture soooo bad but it was just too blazing cold for me to tackle the wind and poor light to try to get one -but it really was cute.

Hope you guys are making progress with your Holidays- love to all and enjoy.

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  1. Oh Linda you make me tired just reading your posts... you have sew much to do and lots of driving too.
    I see by reading your last few posts you've had some real windy cold weather...
    Hope you got enough wood cut to keep you warm.