Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Rosie wants to know what in the world is wrong with me tonight? I have tossed and turned for an hour hoping sleep would find me but to no avail.  SO poo- might as well write it out and maybe it will right itself.

I am disappointed in the last 3 days. Days that had Beautiful weather which I would normally adore and be so happy in?? But, the day After Christmas as I was cooking dinner for the 3 of us my daughter shot at her partner to run him off????? Scare me to death -yep - and my pups as they flew up under my legs wanting to know what was wrong????

Then yesterday and this afternoon I spent a large amount of time online searching for projects for my family and friends for Next Christmas. You know - things that are Useful?? But the majority of the ideas on Youtube I had already seen last year. Matter of fact that was where I had picked up my favorite hat project. But, I was hoping somebody would have something new going??????

Where are all the wonderful ideas hiding at??????????????????????????????????????????????

Then to make me even more disgruntled -remember last week I had taken my car to the garage to have the two front tires fixed????? Well, yesterday they were Low and today that one is almost flat. So I pulled it up  and went to putting air in them AGAIN and this time there is a real leak I can hear in the passenger side tire! GRRRR! After the man telling me that there was nothing wrong with them? So, I came in and made some phone calls and God arranged for me to find a wonderful deal on some new tires-even better than what I had paid for this set from Wal-mart that has given me nothing but trouble from the time I got them. That was one reason I wanted to GO TO SLEEP-so I could get an early start in the morning and go Pump up the really bad tire and then HUSTLE to town to the tire store-praying to make it before the tire goes plum flat on me?????? Now sleep eludes me . Isn't that the way life treats you sometimes??????


  1. Oh no 🙈.... after having such a lovely few days with family it's a shame you are still having tire trouble. Hope you got into town to get the new ones.

  2. I think we all have those days....or nights. This too shall pass.