Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sunday -warm and rainy

I Finally completed those jeans for my daughter's Christmas present. I sure do hope I got it right - today it was putting the "bling" on the embroidery design??? I have never done that before . I am suspicious of something that you Iron on??? We will just have to see how durable it is. It will make me mad if they come off the first time she washes them!

I am hoping I really "nailed " it this time as I love to make her happy. Well,,,, I Love to make Everybody happy -everybody deserves it. ~smile~ At lest these two pair of jeans I can officially say are Completed and Wrapped! YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I moved onto another desperate project. This is my back door - just a plain and very cheap solid glass door that lets the cold air in better than any air conditioner would. The glass lets it seep in and it also floods in around the door. The other night when it was down to zero with whipping winds I was freezing and I had stuffed a drop cloth all over and around it and also nailed a quilt over it.  But that made it so difficult running in and out of it all day long doing chores??? Plus, I did not want my very old quilt getting destroyed and it made it quiet dark in the daytime which was bad on my flowers that are there??????? SOOOOO????

I had put that metal rod up over the door and hung up a plastic shower curtain. Well, the idea was a good start , but the shower curtain was 16 inches too short and the draft loved that. So, I took it down today and sewed a double layer of heavy weight fabric all along the bottom of it. NOW it is nice and long and the heavy weight holds it down tight to the floor. I can even place a rug over top of it on those terrible nights and it will hopefully capture all of that bad wind.   Plus?

During the daytime I can push it to the side of the door and it is completely Out of the way! Yea!  It looks very promising for its purpose.

The weather here has been so beautiful here today - actually nice and warm and rainy. I have been so grateful for it -as I know it will not stay this way for long!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I just hope to make me a pot of soup !!!!!!!!!!!!! Love to all.

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