Thursday, December 22, 2016

O Gosh - Thursday -how did that happen?

  It happened because life just keeps right on keeping on - regardless of if we are with it or not!

OK, this is one project to get out of the way. Isn't it funny how something just smacks you right in the face even if you have been walking right over it day in and day out? Well these two boards - one on the inside and one on the outside of this back door have rotted away and letting a lot of that cold air just fly in SOOOOO - I am going to raid the pile of wood that my daughter brought in from the local sawmill for kilning.

As I start to measure and scratch my head Charlie sends his son to take a water pump off of the old outdoor wood-stove that broke down .His has started squealing and once they do that it is not long until they give up the ghost and usually on the coldest night and you cannot even find one. So we had to move a bunch of stuff for them to get at it . So, in their kindness the young man shared his deer with me and I am so thrilled . I just love them to death as I love natural things .

 OK, back to the head scratching and measuring and ???????

Both inside board and outside board and the inspection team in full action. It was not one bit easy as the screws that were in those boards were rusted in and very crooked to get out.  Now on to the doggie door?????????

Yea, pretty sad shape , isn't it? That monster gap lets in a tremendous amount of air .

Awww- much better . It was no easy job for me either as that board went Under the mail frame and my DH had not intended for it to come out - much less rot out and there were some nails up under there for me to fight with- GRRRR!  But now we have some new boards to face the Winter with-thanks to Crystal bringing in that wood from the sawmill. They like burning it - I like savaging it! lol And that is not my cigarettes - Crystal arrived just in time to screw in the last Screw that was giving me trouble.

Now, my car tires are almost flat again so she is parked up the hill in Crystal's parking spot where the air compressor is. Stupid tires , well probably valve stems.

At least with the help of a dear friend the mystery of my portable air compressor and radio might be realized. She told me today that she had one of those little compressors and that when it got under a strain (like trying to pump up my totally flat tire yesterday) that it will blow the fuse -and that would explain why it is not working and the radio is not working???????????????? I don't even know where the fuse box is in my car at the moment but looks like that will be in the future as it is back to cold and dark at the moment. Another day  - another challenge.  Merry Christmas you guys - as they say in Australia - 3 more sleeps and the big day is here -and then Gone! lol

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