Sunday, November 20, 2016

Nightmare Sunday

When I peeked out my front door this morning and saw this tree branch I knew it was not good.

Then I looked to my left and there was No roof on my little porch????????????????????????? I really wanted to just cry. Pieces of metal were in the pasture and all over the yard and in the trees?????? Those 55mph gusts of wind had ripped the metal right off????????????????????????????????????

Now I cannot get my phone to transfer pictures to the blog because of my wifi connection.
Then just at bedtime I started to smell smoke so I headed to the living room to see it filled with smoke? As I turned the corner the entire wall was engulfed in flames so I grabbed a bowl of water and hit it hard -then grabbed the phone and called my daughter . She and Tim came sprinting and she went to work on the wall. She kept throwing water on it until it was just smoldering and starting grabbing the insulation in the wall that was on fire. I grabbed the tub and dosed it and ran it outdoors. Tim took the little saw I found and cut the hole in the wall bigger so we could get to the insulation. The fire has spread beyond the insulation into the frame of the wall. They got a water hose in the house and doused the inside of the wall. It is down to the siding on the house now. The electrical got included and looked like a bomb went off in the wall. Crystal heard it first and yelled run as fire shot out of the wall and now there is no electrical working in that side of the house. Finally the smoldering has stopped as everything is either wet or gone. They sat with me for the next hour watching to make for sure it did not start up again?

The stupid wind is still whipping and I am wondering how we will ever pull this mess off????????????I know we will but the next week will be rough. I get so tired of fighting one challenge after another? I do not know if I could have saved the house if not for Crystal's bravery ?
There are two monster aquariums that need to be moved to be able to get to the wall and I am so scared they will crack moving them??But , it has to be done,some how????????????
I am so tired andit is almost 2:30am and Crystal has to get up at 4Am to go to work?


  1. Oh Linda I am sew sorry to read of the fire and wind damaging your home... so good that Crystal and partner were close enough to help put the fire out and that none of you were hurt...

  2. OMGOSH Linda! How awful ... utterly awful for you. First the roof and then a fire! Oh I do hope you have managed to make some repairs??? You poor girl. {{{HUGS}}}

  3. LINDA...I am shocked and horrified for you! Wow...I also am thankful for Crystal and Tim!!!! I am SO SORRY you have to go through this, but also thankful you still have a house, even if very damaged~ God's blessings Linda!!! Many hugs!!! Cathy S.