Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Tuesday wood cutting day

I got all the major chores completed and then said this is the tool and this is the job and just went at it- err- carefully , went at it. I am VERY RESPECTFUL of a chainsaw.

I was making progress and even got the truck half full when it started to rain on me. Rats - so I had to  put everything up . I had carried 4 bucket fulls and a small stack up to my daughter's tiny house. The 4 wheel drive does not work so you have to hand carry up the slick hill.

Crystal lets me use her wood truck and I am grateful but I am scared to death of it. When the motor dies on me then the brakes give way and I panic. I was so grateful to get this much accomplished and not get hurt. YEA! That is a win.

I got it down to the house and unloaded it in the rain. I got tired but kept thinking, "Just one more piece" and then it was all magically unloaded. The front sidewalk is full and the front stoop where I can reach out and grab it at night and not have to trip over the opossum or the raccoon.That bucket is what I carry my ashes with. It is not the best , but it is working right now.

I was good and wet from the rain when I finished so I jumped in a hot shower and then had to take a pain pill from the fibromyalgia. A week or so my friend , Joyce had brought me a bean and cheese burrito so I have been practicing making them this week. I got the beans down pretty good that goes in them so I had one of them for my supper. I topped off the last of the Spanish rice to go with it and then my favorite part was the sour cream. I had a little gas but that is because it has been so long since I had beans. Once I get them back in my system that will diminish. Always something new to learn. ~smile~

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