Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Weds. Dec. 21, 16

It started off as a really great day. The scarf came out of the washer and dryer and seemed to be in perfect condition. Gift completed- a machine sewn yarn scarf - very cool.

But then life took a turn and first I was in the shower and missed one of my best friends. Then I got a call from Wal-mart and my new glasses had come in so I got ready to go get them and hope for the best. That was when I discovered I had missed my buddy because she had left my gift in the car. GRRRR. I would have Loved to had the chance to visit with her. I pulled out on the hardtop and discovered I had a flat tire! These tires I bought from Wal-mart a little over a year ago have given me nothing but trouble. I have to pump them back up every week.

I pulled out my little super-duper tire pumper upper and set it all up while I waited for it to do its magic. I guess it was out of magic today because after a few squirts of air - that was it . I had only used it to pump it the tires ONE TIME! I did retest it later but it was still dead as a door nail. Another GRRRRR!

I carefully backed up the hill until it wanted to spin and then I put her in four wheel drive and backed all the way up the hill to where the air compressor was??? I was wondering if I would have any luck or whether I might have damaged the tire now??? I turned on the air compressor and ran up and put some wood in daughter's stove in her tiny house while it built up pressure. Then I socked it to it and low and behold the tire came back up. I was thrilled.

So, I put everything up and took off to Wal-mart. Then at the top of the hill one of those big vulture's came flying up from Under a bank and almost flew right into my windshield. It was a close call for me and for him as he was as big as my windshield was and it would have killed me to hurt him and it probably would have broken my windshield. That was a close call.

I made it to Wal-mart and got the glasses. The lady was working on them to make them fit my ears and there was a man who must have come to get him some new glasses because he started to "hover" over me with a mad look on his face. I finally told her they were fine so I could get away from him. If they give me trouble I will go back later when the angry men are not around???? ~smile~

I was so glad to be heading home so I decided to turn on some Christmas music to lift my spirits and ???????? Yea- no radio! No light -no sound - nothing???????????????? My son gave me this radio just last year for Christmas ?????????????????? So, no music to lift my spirits home. BUMMER! Well darn - why do things just not want to work?????????????????

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