Monday, May 28, 2012

Our youngest granddaughter, Cory Dainelle will turn 16 tomorrow-so last year she had her parents bring her up to our house for her birthday. So, I made this shirt for her - just in case she arrives.

I have decided that I need a "clone-machine"-as there is just not enough of me to go around. DH is first on my list and I attempt to keep his clothes clean to keep up with accidents. Then I have washed his feet in a little foot bath because they are SO swollen it is pitiful . Not to forget those blasted shots in his tummy that he says I do a good job with.

Then cooking , cleaning (doesn't look like it though)- having visitors -doing outdoor chores morning & afternoon. Yesterday I had lessons on learning how to operate the riding mower. ( I am scared to death of the silly critter) I made a good trip to the road and back and then managed to hit a big strap that was hidden in the tall grass and it locked the mowers blades up tight. Poor DH came out and I fixed him a chair and he walked me though finding out what it was & he told me I could try to cut it off . Well, I hacked and hacked at it -but it was just too tight and strong-SO- my next lesson was taking the mowing deck off! Now That was a JOB! I know it took a good hour & I was covered in sweat & dirt from my head to my toes. Then had to put the thing back on! Let's just say - IF I have my way - that dern deck will not come off again. I need Super-Man eyes so I can see through things! LOL

He has been talking about me learning to drive the slightly bigger John Deere tractor that is a four wheel drive as he says it is much safer to operate. Was suppose to do that tomorrow , but our neighbor came to see if he could borrow it to cut his pasture -since he knew DH was too weak to do it and it had a dead battery - so he went & bought a new battery for it . How sweet was that!  I will be glad to let him have the first lesson. LOL

I took the grass clippings and put them on DH's 3 tomato plants and my little chard plants. The garden is now Hard , after DH worked so hard to get it tilled, so I am attempting to chop me up a row .  Every where I look there just something to do & here I am at the puter - at 1AM in our morning. I am bushed!

So, I will bid you "Good Night " - OR " Good Morning" to all!
Love - Linda


  1. A lovely T=shirt you have made you your GD.

    You are doing so well caring for DH and getting your chores done too.

    I love using our ride-on mower. I usually walk along the section I want to mow for anything that may be in the long grass. I have often missed things and had then cuaght up in the blades too.You are clever to be able to do the maintanence..

  2. great looking shirt